11 July 2008

Elwing - Mid year figure haul part 4

This time is Play-Asia box.

Elwing's arrival marked the 4th figure to arrive in this mid year figure haul. And this time is Play-Asia's turn. The rest is just waiting for :
- Nanoha Instructor uniform (GSC) : ordered in local store.
- Chua Churam (Alter) : ordered, and i heard it's delayed until early August 2008.
- figma Konata : ordered.
- figma Fate : ordered.
So all that's left for now just waiting, photo session, and playing my PS3... XD

Elwing Shining Wind version from Kotobukiya.

This is the 3rd Shining figure series i ever had. The first is Kureha MF, next is Kureha Kotobukiya, and this is the 3rd, Elwing from Kotobukiya. I know that there was a great Elwing figure released by Max Factory, too bad it must be out of stock wherever it is.

Elwing in Shining Wind version is HAWT!

I started to watch Shining Wind after i bought Kureha MF last December. And i noticed that Elwing in that anime looks hotter than ever. Hey... i played Shining Tears and i know who's who, who's hot, and who's not. Elwing is my favorite character from Shining Tears game, and her new clothes from Shining Wind is great (and sexy). This makes me love her more :P.

Tsundere, angel winged, elf girl with bow.

An elf girl, with angel wings on her head and a bow, this is Elwing, the first partner you can play with in the game. I saw a great personality change between the game and the anime. She's somewhat tsundere, and she showed more of her tsun-tsun side in the game. But in the anime, she was showing more of her dere-dere side. And her dere-dere side makes me love her more and more.

Elwing parts, it has a removable skirts, no alternate parts.

When i saw Seena Kanon released by Kotobukiya, i already predicted that Elwing in Shining Wind version would also be released by Kotobukiya. And yeah... i guessed right! I would only stick to 1 out of 3 manufacturer that released Shining Tears / Wind figures, Kotobukiya. I haven't even started collecting figures at the moment where Max Factory released Shining Tears characters in bikini. I know that they're hot and have a very good quality. So now i guess it's only between Kotobukiya and President Japan.

Elwing's new clothes, still with her mini skirt.

I have a little feeling that Elwing's face is kinda weird in some ways. Her eyes are a little too round, while in the illustration, she doesn't really have a round eyes. And too add more weirdness, her front hair dropped too low, and it covered her eyebrows. Without seeing eyebrows, you can't really see whether she's smiling happily or smiling lightly (or whatever i can't really find a word for it).

Better bow shape, better bow grabbing.

Oh yeah, i already said it before, that i like long haired girl. And Elwing also have a long hair that meets my criteria :P. She grabbed a bow, and her bow shape is somewhat unique, unlike Kureha's bow. She's also grabbing the bow with 2 hands, making the bow harder to fall off from her hands. The bow string is also well-made, even better than Kureha's bow string.

Skirt removed, visible pantsu.

This figure also has a castoffability, just like Kureha Kotobukiya version. Only skirt can be removed. As always, i never display my figure with clothes removed, because i enjoyed fashion beauty, not just underwear (pantsu) watching. Well anyway, Elwing wears a mini skirt, and it's more fun to "see" under the mini skirt rather than see it with her skirt removed. Her vest is still long enough to cover the skirt from behind, so you can't really see her pantsu from behind.

Foot is screwed on the base, preventing leans.

I don't know about Seena Kanon, but Kureha and Elwing got their feet screwed on the base. This screw pose better and stronger hold of the figure, and it can prevent leaning for a very long time indeed. Even though these figures are shorter than Kureha from MF, they're still screwed on the base, in this shows precaution from Kotobukiya. Well i guess this better than a visible stand to hold the arms, legs, or body parts like Metamo Haruhi Bunny from Bandai.

Hey, i just noticed that i started to call her Elwing. From the first time i met her in Shining Tears until now, i keep calling her Elwyn. Because in the game (US version), it's written Elwyn. Well, anything is okay as long as she still a tsundere, angel winged, blonde long haired, elf girl with bow.

That's it for now, next will be Fate Testarossa and result of photo session of Liu Meifeng. Look forward to it.


  1. hmm this elwing is lovely, and she's still available at play-asia with 25% disc :O

    She's 1/8 right? I have to get at least 1/7 to match my blanc and kureha =\

  2. This Elwing is for Kotobukiya Shining Wind series collection with 1/8 scale.

    It's hard to find a match for that 1/7 Shining series figure, since the only manufacturer that released 1/7 shining figure is MF (i think).

  3. She is my favorite from shining wind too^^ Lovely eyes;) I like her expression actually and with her pose makes it look sorta like a teasing pose at least to me it does :)and her outfit is cool too,I also prefer it with skirt on,guess it looks more complete that way,and I like the design on the skirt:) She is definitely hott and I love blonde's^^
    definitely an awesome figure Sonic

  4. Yeah, she's definitely a must-get figure.

  5. Hi there, I'm an owner of the same figure, Elwing by Kotobukiya. I just want to ask is your Elwing figure is also made in China.(I was suprised when I read mine is made in china....) Please reply in my email. bryan_fs2002@yahoo.com