08 December 2008

I'm not dead yet!

November sure is like hell... No figure arrived, everythings delayed. Things like Haruhi from Alter, Haruhi from Kotobukiya, and Yagami Hayate were shipped at 1st December. So that means, i don't have nany articles to post in November.

But that's not the only reason. The whole November is a month with full of projects, so i have to work my butt off all day long, and get some good sleep in the night. To make it better, i can't go online lately (around this last week), because i stopped subscribing in my old provider and waiting for new internet provider to install the internet connection.

As for now, i still don't have my internet connected, so i wrote and published this post in another place. That's why no pictures here.

This week is the deadline for all of my projects, so after this week passed, i'll be back again and post something great. So just look forward to it!


  1. dang, sounds pretty taxing. makes me appreciate how (relatively) easy my work is at times ^^; looking forward to great posts! ^_^

  2. This kind of month only happen at the last month of each semester, that's why it won't happen to often.

  3. Wow!!!!!
    Yea, Nov killed me too...but wow....no internet...that would had killed me!!!!!!
    Be waiting on your full return!!!!!!!!!

  4. At least the internet has been connected now, so i don't have to worry about the internet now. All that left is just 3 more projects and 2 weeks of final exam.

  5. Looks like I'm back in time for that great post. ^^
    See ya soon.

  6. You're right, just wait n see. I'm also looking forward for your posts.