04 October 2009

Tayutama –Kiss on My Deity-


Tayutama –Kiss on My Diety-

Another chance for anime review: Tayutama –Kiss on My Diety-. I picked this anime in my watch list because of the cute girls in the preview. Yeah, Mashiro, Mifuyu, Ameri, and Yumina got my attention at my first look even though i knew this anime will be a somewhat harem anime or anime that based on a visual novel.

Anyway, just before you proceed, be sure to know that this post is –as always- FILLED WITH SPOILERS, so if you know the risk and want to proceed, please do so.


Tayutama got a pretty simple story.

The story revolves around young lucky bastard boy with a power of a priest, an exorcist to be exact, Mito Yuuri. One day something bad happened and all the bad spirits –called Tayutai- were released from their seal, including a goddess who sealed them all in the past. So just as you expected, the goddess asked Yuuri for his help to fight the bad tayutai and create a coexistence between humans and tayutai.

Story of Tayutama is pretty simple and straightforward. You can also easily predict what happen next. So yeah, i guess you’ll be enjoying a lot of cute girls without deep stories.


Low on fanservices, too bad…

For an anime with a lot of cute girls, this anime is still low on fanservices, although some scene has references to ecchi stuffs or something to that effects. At first, i was expecting some ecchi stuffs or a lot of fanservices, but no… all i got is some magical battles and romances. Nevertheless, this anime is filled with 4 (or 5?) cute, sexy, and beautiful girls. I’ll be going into details for all of those 4-5 beauties.


Mito Mashiro, the cute goddess who can turn into loli after spending her magical power.

Mito Mashiro, the main heroine of this anime. She’s the goddess that dreamt of the coexistence between human and tayutai. It was a pretty impossible goal to achieve at first time, but she never gave up, and work all the way to defeat 3 most powerful tayutai. Yuuri named her Mito Mashiro after she’s released from the seal. In the past life, she was called Kikurami Kaminohime.

Mito Mashiro is a very beautiful and sexy girl. And she got that dog ears to add her cuteness. A plus point for inumimi girl lovers. She’s kind but at the other side she’s also strict, especially with the training she gave to help Yuuri improves his exorcism power.

Anyway, Mashiro’s appearances are affected by her power. If she activated her power, her hair will turn white-purple. Her hair color became brown if she’s in her normal state. Not only that, if she used up her magical power, she can turn into a little girl (read: LOLI). After regenerating for awhile, she could became adult again.

Just as expected, this anime main heroine is Mashiro and the VN route used in this anime is Mashiro’s route, with coexistence ending and she got married with Yuuri at the end, a very sad marriage. While it’s a good ending for everyone, i guess this kind of ending is pretty ordinary and lame.


Kawai Ameri, another name for jealousy.

Kawai Ameri, a childhood friend of Yuuri. She has a feeling of love towards Yuuri, too bad she kept her feeling sealed in her heart and never tells Yuuri about that. Kawai Ameri is a usual type of jealous childhood friend character. She loved Yuuri from the beginning, but she never told him. After Mashiro came and make Yuuri her husband in an instant, she started to realize her feeling and jealousy grew inside her heart.

Ameri is a good girl, but i started to hate her since she got that jealousy, and just as predicted, she also easily controlled by the enemy and became the source of power for the enemy. I never knew how she’s doing in the VN, but i know her role here in the anime is nothing more than jealous selfish girl.


Kisaragi Mifuyu, a total beauty with exceptional physical strength for a normal human.

Kisaragi Mifuyu, the student council president of Flawless school. She’s a normal human with exceptional physical strength. She got involved with Yuuri while they were up against the first and weakest tayutai out of 3 most powerful Tayutai: Nue. A pretty ojou-sama typed girl minus the spoiled personality.

Overall, she’s a great girl, and she’s also my favorite character from this anime. Too bad, her role in this anime is pretty much minor. I know she loved Yuuri, but since the anime used Mashiro’s route, her love feeling never really revealed explicitly. Her main role in the anime is became Nue’s friend, and that’s a pretty good start of coexistence Mashiro wanted.


Nue, loli demon with sense of humor.

I don’t know if Nue count as a “route character” in the anime, but it worth telling in this post. Nue is a tayutai, the first and the weakest out of all 3 powerful tayutai. She has that tentacle jelly monster with lighting power in her first appearance, but after that she was beaten by Yuuri, Mashiro, and Mifuyu. The reason she attacked was simple: she wanted to steal and try girls’ underwears. XD

Nue is also a great character with funny personality, she brings out the humor from this anime. As the tayutai who opposed coexistence at the first time, she unexpectedly became Mifuyu’s best friend.


Takanashi Yumina, your loli younger sister.

Takanashi Yumina, a loli character, stepsister of Yuuri, and Mifuyu’s friend. She’s a cute and kind girl, but she has the problem of “relied on her brother too much”. She got an interesting character development in the anime. She was able to overcome her weakness because of Ho-oh incident and ultimately, she was appointed by Mifuyu as the next Flawless student council president.


Yumina is a pretty strong hearted character.

As i said above, Yumina was heavily involved with Hooh incident. At a certain day, a bird fell into her room, and sit on Yumina’s head. That bird was one of 2 twin birds Hooh, which also one of the 3 powerful Tayutai Yuuri had to fight. The bird stayed on Yumina’s head to get some rest and regenerate its magical power. Yumina panicked, and if she’s in panic state, the bird’s also became panic. That’s why Yuuri had to accompany her in the school using his female form.

The battle was pretty much straightforward. And it ended well, Ho and Oh were together again, and both used Yumina’s head for their love nest. Yumina knew Yuuri will be troubled if she kept relying on Yuuri. So she decided to overcome her weakness by trying to handle Hooh by herself. She’s a pretty strong character for her ages.


Ameri and her childish attitude and jealousy.

Unlike Yumina, Ameri is older but she acts childish. Her jealousy made her easily controlled by the strongest Tayutai: Ryuu (dragon). Ryuu used Ameri’s jealousy to control her and made her fight against Yuuri and Mashiro. It’s a pretty predictable outcome… really… In the end, she gave up on Yuuri and let Mashiro have him after a long talk.


Confusing ending (for me).

The ending is pretty much weird and to forced. It’s pretty predictable that Ameri and the dragon were easily defeated, but Mashiro’s weakening power was another matter. In the middle of the story, there were some hints about Mashiro’s weakening power, her hand started to fade. In the end, i figured that Yuuri himself was the cause, but that’s just my guess, don’t know the real reason though. Is it just me, or the ending seems to forced? I mean, yeah i know Mashiro’s power is weakening, but was it because of Yuuri’s power or was it because she used too much power? The reason is still mystery to me…


Bonus: Nue and loli Mashiro in topless bikini.

Overall, i gave Tayutama a 7 out of 10. Nice girls especially Mifuyu, nice arts, great characters, and shallow story. That pretty much describes Tayutama in my eyes.

And that’s all for today’s review. I’m gonna be back for another review. And before closing, got a bonus for you: Nue and loli Mashiro in topless bikini, enjoy! XD

So yeah… that’s all for now, and see you at the next post!


  1. The anime is a girls harem show. I will watch it but mostly because of the loli girls and the Yuuri relathionships.

  2. Uhh, if you're talking about YURI, then no... this anime isn't yuri anime AT ALL...

    The Yuuri i mentioned above is someone's name. XD

    But surely, Nue, loli Mashiro, and Yumina could turn a lolicon on. XD

  3. This doesn't really sound like something I would pick up. Thanks for the review!