24 August 2009

Nagato Yuki - Alter


Nagato Yuki.

After almost a week of absence, let me bring you another photo shoot a.k.a. review for another beautiful figure from my collection. It’s Nagato Yuki, everyone knows who she is already, so I’ll skip the character introduction (if you still don’t know who she is, proceed to Wiki or Google). Anyway, this figure itself is manufactured by Alter and was released back around March-April 2009.


Manufactured by Alter.

Alter released this after their first Haruhi, and i guess this Yuki can be included as a series with that previous Haruhi. FYI, this Yuki has the same base style with Haruhi: white and has big Y letter carved on it, just like Haruhi’s H letter.


Not your usual Yuki here.

Yuki figure this time has an expression and body pose that kinda deviates the usual Yuki. She’s the type of silent character with exceptionally null and flat expression. But in this figure, she somewhat moved her eyebrows up a bit, making a little expression, it’s very little but it’s not her usual expressionless face.


Dynamic pose.

And not only her expression, but also her body pose, also looks unusual. I didn’t do any research of where this pose come from, never found any official illustration of Yuki with that pose. I think it could be Alter’s original idea, just like the other dynamic posed figures Alter made.


Taking of her glasses.

I heard that there was a limited version of this figure, with her holding a book between her hand and her lips, pretty sensual. For Yuki with megane fans, you maybe kinda disappointed because she doesn’t wear that glasses. Maybe she’s taking it off.


“Is there something on my face?” or “Do i look good without my glasses"?”

With a closer look on her face, you could just imagine what’s she trying to say? For me, her face is, like, trying to say: “please don’t stare me like that, I’m embarassed” or something to that effect. Depending on how you translate a figure face, you could get another interesting line right from staring at her face.


Great sculpt, better skin tone.

Putting aside the thought about her expression in this figure, Alter really did a great job on Yuki. The sculpt is as usual: totally great, and one thing i like is the skin tone is getting better. I know this involves my personal preferences but i guess her skin isn’t as pale as Haruhi.


Her face from her right side.

Tried some angle with this figure. Turned out pretty good, except you missed her unique expression a little bit. Anyway, for this Yuki photo session, i originally planned on using blue background with my Logitech keyboard as the base, but i changed my mind and borrowed my bro’s laptop for the base (and accidentally the black screen as background). Black is neutral, so i guess there’s not much problem with the color combination.

Photography tips:

For you Canon user, you can combine your camera RAW settings, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional software, and the picture style files from Canon’s website. You can view and get more picture style files here. As i said before, shooting using RAW gives you 2 advantages: image better and sharper than JPG (lossless) and it enables you to change your photo settings you’ve set in your camera (like Picture Style, White Balance, etc). Combining this RAW editing ability in DPP and new picture style files, you can open more possibilities of having great colored photos.

FYI, i used Studio Portrait picture style from Canon’s website. The color tone and the brightness are somewhat synchronized with studio lamp, or in my case: wireless flash.

I guess this tip is pretty much Canon specific, but i guess the other camera brand should have their own software and their picture style file, so be sure to check out your camera manufacturer’s website and search for more.


Back side.

Anyway, back to the review. Yuki this time really has a sensual pose. I do hope Alter combined their idea of dynamic / sensual pose with a selection of unique costume. That idea has yet to be realized so far.


Flat… common knowledge.

Going in to detailed parts, Yuki’s chest is, as you all know, flat. She’s one of the DFC character. So i won’t bother taking a closer look on her chest. Instead, i give you an almost full view of her body and uniform.


Right hand.

Don’t be tricked by the power of macro lens. I know her hand looks dirty there, but don’t worry, it’s not a factory defect, just plain dirty. Another thing to notice is seams on the side of her thumb. Oh and forgot to mention, painted fingernails!


Her left hand.

And her left hand, the one that hold that legendary Yuki’s glasses, also has those painted fingernails. I intentionally take a shot from this angle, knowing that i would get a dark and ugly result, just to show you Alter’s painted fingernails. Too bad, because of the power of macro lens, another seams is visible in the photo. Don’t worry though, those seams won’t be visible if you view it using your own normal eyes.


Nagato Yuki no Megane (The Glasses of Nagato Yuki).

And this is her legendary glasses. Kyon erased this glasses from its very existence by just saying “You look good without the glasses”. Damn Kyon! You destroyed the hope of all megane fans out there in the whole world!


Great sculpt on the details.

Moving on to the lower part, around her ribbon and sirt. Pretty much detailed, it’s not the main part of this figure, but it still looks great as parts from this figure. As always, Alter did a perfect job on this detailed parts.


Lower part.

Her cardigan is also beautifully sculpted. Everything looks nice, including the fold and wrinkles on the cardigan, and the edge parts of the cardigan. Pretty cool! Anyway, you can see the lines on the shoeprints, somewhat rough for me.


A view from above.

Nonetheless, this figure is a great figure, one of the best Yuki out of all Yuki figures ever released. I guess the other great Yuki figure is Yuki gekisou from Max Factory. The other great thing from this figure is she’s kneeling, so you don’t have to worry about leaning, connecting with the pegs, etc. You could just put her on wherever place flat, all you want.


90 percent…

…of you will look at the left part of the photo XD . Anyway, the main object of this photo is her left leg. Don’t worry dude, maybe I’m also in that 90% XD .


Mandatory pantie shot for those 90%.

And for those 90% of people who looked at the left part, I’ll give you a clearer and bigger view of her pantie. Don’t worry people, pantie shot is always a mandatory for every figure photo session XD .


Depending on how you see it, you could say this is an ero pose. XD

My wild imagination started each time i looked at this photo. She has just started by taking off her glasses. Next, she takes off her cardigan, lowering her skirt, takes off her shirt, and she’s ready to play with you XD .


Which one do you prefer? Kneeling or laying down?

Tried a few shot with her laid down on the keyboard. Turned out prety good i guess. It could be better if i used something like cotton or something soft like pillow or just plain white cloth, just to give a “laying on bed” feeling.


Be ready people, be ready to assault her. *Evil laugh*

Damn, this Yuki is tempting, even though she’s not sexy, she gives that ero / sensual feeling. I need to find and read Yuki H doujin after this XD .


POI: ero pose!

The POI of this figure is of course her ero pose. I’ve seen much ero figures, but i never seen any normal figures with a ero pose. From this angle, she looks like she’s ready to accept you and your dirty desire.

Well, that’s all for you hungry wolves! Be sure to follow the updates for more prey figure photos and anime stuffs. So see you later!


  1. Nice photos, I might have to look into getting a macro lens myself

  2. Macro lens is all about details and sharpness, a must have for us figure photographers.

  3. Is that dust on her glasses or that's just the way it is?

    LOL @ ero pose.
    Honestly I can't picture Yuki doing anything erotic. She doesn't even squeeze a smile out and when ur doing somthing erotic, 70% of time, ur smiling. xD

  4. I guess both. It's made of not-so-clear plastic, so that white spots on the glasses could be dust or the plastic itself.

  5. haha, I liked the photos, specially because of the toshiba background..lol..

  6. Thanks, haha. Except that Toshiba it's not mine though.

  7. woo.. nice ero pose ^^