14 February 2009

Happy Valentine~

Do you want the chocolate or Nagase Minato? XD

As usual, this is the controversial 14 February. For some people it could be a happy day, but for some other people it could be a day to reflect his / her single status. So..

Valentine present from Tsukasa.

for people who are happy today: Happy Valentine!
for people who are reflecting his / her single status : Happy Single Awareness Day!

Having trouble giving chocolate?

Well i said happy people, not people who already have partner, because valentine is not all about partner / girlfriend / boyfriend / wife / husband but it's about someone you love. And someone you love isn't always has to be your partner but they could be your parents or brothers or sisters.

I want both Fate and Nanoha did that on me.

Feel free to share whatever you're doing for this Valentine day here. As for me, I'll spend the morning to make a chocolate covered strawberry and the rest of the day with my girl also having dinner with my girl. What about you? Whatever you do, don't let despair gets into you and lets you sulk in the room playing game / watching anime the whole day because you don't have a partner.

So yeah... see you at the next post!


  1. I prefer to have both Minato and the chocolate :P

  2. Enjoy them and tell me the taste. XD

  3. Well, Happy Valentine's day for you!!