02 February 2009

Surabaya Toys Expo 2009 - competitions and loots

I used Cassandra and beaten by Nightmare >.<

Ooopss... another 1 day lateness. I promised to bring this post yesterday but i wasn't able to do it. It's still about Surabaya Toys Expo 2009, especially about the competitions held in 31st January. I participated in Soul Calibur 4 tournament and Photo on the Spot competition.

As for the result of SC4 tournament, well... i lost, totally lost in the first round. My opponent was a real good player, and he actually managed to get 2nd place in the tournament. It was really a very bad luck for the tournament. One thing i learnt after the tournament is... i'm still at a very beginner level in SC4. XP

Next is photo on the spot competition, it was held 1 hour right after SC4 tournament. I participated in this competition with the feeling of despair and kinda bad mood. The photo competition was kinda unique and challenging. Here's the rule:

As a participant, you'll get a figure (American action figure, movement as free as figma). What you get is decided by a drawing. I got Silver Spiderman a that time. With that figure, you have to create 4 photos, with certain theme / emotion / story in each photo. You have to make the figure as if he was happy, sad, mad, and surprised / astonished.

Happy Spiderman.

I was fortunate having Wajuwa displaying their figure opened. Most of my photo came with the help of Wajuwa's displayed figures. This is the happy Spiderman. I was lucky, my Spiderman got his thumbs (kinda) up. He was happy because he can sit together with a cute girl, Asuka.

Sad Spiderman.

This is the sad Spiderman. He was sad because someone already took his chance to get a girl. It's not a coincidence that there were 2 Spidermans there. I intentionally wait for another participant to pose his figure like this. After he's posing, i put my Spiderman at some length and capture it.

Mad Spiderman.

This is the mad Spiderman. He was mad because he met his double, and he wanted to make sure that he IS the real Spiderman. This time i was lucky i can find another Spiderman that i can freely pose. So the story could go even deeper because the 2nd object was also a Spiderman.

Astonished Spiderman.

And the last is the astonished Spiderman. He was astonished because he met a very big Iron Man. An exclusive giant Iron Man helped me this time. It also came from Wajuwa's display.

The result? The photo above explains all. I won best participant award. There were 3 award in this competition. The first award is SLR award. The photos were judged by 3 professional photographers. The 2nd award is Pocket award. The photos were also judged by the same photographers. And the 3rd award is best participant award. The photos were judged and voted by all store owner who were participating in this STE '09.

Too bad no special prize, just a trophy, the figure, and a pride XD . I guess this is my first win in photography competition after 1 and a half years entering photography world.

Next is the loot part. Only 3 loots from this event, and 1 belongs to my brother. They're Sinanju MG ver. Ka, Amami Haruka bikini (GSC), and Nendoroid Asakura Ryouko (GSC).

Sinanju MG ver. Ka.

I think Sinanju is new, i never knew about Gundam world, but i know Sinanju is waaay cool! The price tag is JPY 7000, multiplied by recent JPY - IDR exchange rate IDR 130 per JPY, IDR 910k, he got a almost 10% discount, so he spent IDR 860k. He bought this from Capsule Corporation. CC itself gave a 5% discount, but my bro bought 2 items so he got 10% discount.

Sinanju, similar to Char's Sazabi.

The 2nd item is Gundam Wing Zero SD version. The Sinanju isn't completed yet, so it might look weird. I don't know much about Gundam anime, but i think Sinanju is an upgrade of Char's Sazabi. I won't talk any deeper about this because i don't want Gundam fans flame me. XP

Amami Haruka bikini version.

Next loot is my loot, Amami Haruka bikini version, from Idolmaster Xenoglossia, manufactured by GSC. Surprisingly enough, i've just started and finished watching Idolmaster in the last holiday. Haruka is not my favorite but this figure is still tempting enough for me to buy it. Anyway, i spent IDR 450k for this figure.


She's not sexy and big breasted, but she's not that flat. But it can still be categorized as small. Anyway, it's GSC we're talking about, and i think this figure is a good one. Also don't forget, ribbon-chan still has her signature ribbon on in this figure. She also has her pengiun cell phone here.

Nendoroid Asakura Ryouko.

Last loot is Nendoroid Asakura Ryouko. I think this is the most expensive Nendoroid of all Nendoroids. It's not expensive because it's exclusive, but because it has some expansion parts set in it. What's that expansion set, let's see...

Complete parts for 3 Haruhi main characters.

It has Ryouko itself, Ryouko's alternate face, Haruhi's ponytail hair, Mikuru straight hair, and Yuki's witch coat (plus Shamisen) and witch hat, also there are Ryouko's knife and school bag. In the plastic there are some parts, not all those parts are belong to Ryouko. There are Ryouko's arms, 2 (i think they belong to Haruhi) summer uniform arms, Ryouko's base set, 2 Mikuru's school legs, 1 Ryouko's school bag / knife holding hand, and 1 Yuki's wand with her grabbing hand.

Never thought a girl this cute was a....

Ryouko herself is pretty cute. I think Ryouko herself is pretty popular because her yandere side of her, eventhough she's only appeared in 3 episodes (i think.... CMIIW). Having Ryouko in my possesion is another great addition to my collection.

... cold blooded killer, who kills her target while smiling.

GSC is pretty good on making her faces. There are no sad or mad expression. There are only 2 faces available with her, and both are happy faces. Yeah, this is what's make her popular. She kills her target with a smile on the face, a perfect yandere.

Buy more Nendo Haruhi to get more school uniform Nendo body.

So here's some expansion parts attached to the corresponding characters. I think GSC urges you to buy more Nendoroid Haruhi because you'll need her body (normal school uniform) for Mikuru's straight hair and Yuki's witch costume. You'll never see Mikuru with that straight hair in a maid outfit and Yuki with her putting her cardigan inside her witch coat.

Yeah... and this post concludes my report for Surabaya Toys Expo 2009. See you at the next post!


  1. omg cassie lost to nightmare, how come :O

    that sad spidey photo is great haha, nice you got the participant award :)

  2. Because he got me on low attack. It's pretty tricky and it's faster than Cassandra's.

    Thanks, I was lucky that time i got the chance to "steal" other participant moment. XD

  3. Nice loot!!!!!
    Congrates on winning too!!!!!
    Too bad Canada conventions don't have stuff like that...
    For tourneys, you have to practice like a mad man. I know how you feel when you lose in a tourney, I lost to my friend in a Street Fighter tourney after he got a "by" since his opponent saw his practice fight earlier and gave up.
    Well, the good thing I ended up in top 5 in the tourney at least...
    Just practice and practice, you;ll get better in Soul Caliber sooner or later...

  4. Thanks, and yeah, i wasn't praticing like hell and i don't have sparring partner either. I think i'll pass on the next SC4 competitions.

  5. Hahaha, got to love Spiderman! Congraz on winning the award. That's really awesome.

  6. Is that SD Wing Zero??
    hmm.. miss that model kit, I used to have it.. I lost it..

  7. @M12
    Yeah... Thanks!

    Yeah, that's SD Wing Zero. Small kit like that are easy to lose if you don't properly display it.

  8. @Sonic
    It's my sister.. she play with my gundam, and some of them lost in a blackhole, warped to another dimension.. lost and never found..

  9. Damn nendoroid witch Yuki is ace!

    ...perhaps I should get a Ryouko nendo for the extras... >_>

  10. @Snark
    Yeah you should! It's a great addition not only for Yuki, but the whole SOS-dan crew.

  11. conratulations :D that kind of competion kind ofrare lol

  12. @Vixion
    Thanks! I think if you go to Surabaya and go into this kind of event where there's Wajuwa participating, there will be a photography competition. Wajuwa was the one who held this competition.

  13. great... nice to see you winning that trophy... congratulations!!!