01 March 2009

Haruhi goes to beach ....

Back for another review.

... virtually. At last, I'm back for another figure post. Projects, assignments, and school sure are killing me. I've been bombarded by a stack of projects and assignments in the last 2 weeks. I don't know how you people manage to prepare materials and post things eventhough you're working / studying. Well anyway... it's Haruhi's turn to get the spotlight.

Haruhi beach version - manufactured by Kotobukiya.

This is Suzumiya Haruhi, most of you should have known her for a long time. It's the beach version of Suzumiya Haruhi, manufactured by Kotobukiya. Got this figure on November 2008, did the photo session in late January 2009, and posted it. Decided to buy this figure because it's the first good Haruhi PVC figure with bikini.

I say this Haruhi is pretty nice, for a Kotobukiya's figure.

Eventhough i said "Haruhi with bikini", you'll get her with her tanktop on. Don't worry because her yellow tanktop is removable. So far i haven't seen anyone except Optic, getting their hands on this figure. Maybe people doubt Kotobukiya's quality. Well, I've been disappointed once because of Blanc Neige.

Haruhi's favorite signature hairband.

Well, whatever, let's get into her... hairband? Playing at the beach doesn't stop Haruhi removing her favorite signature hairband. Oh... i forgot to mention something. I think this is the first time i used some properties on figure photoshoot. I used sand i gathered from Lombok island. It's an island east of Bali island.

Tanktop is flexible for removing purpose.

Her yellow tanktop is actually pretty flexible, just like Shuraki's clothes. There are some connector on the left side of her tanktop. It works just like Airi's clothes. But be careful, after you remove it once, it'll be harder to connect it again. But i think you don't want to reconnect it because it's better to see Haruhi WITHOUT the tanktop.

Nice sculpt on the tanktop, but i don't need it anymore.

Eventhough i don't need her tanktop on, i have to say that Kotobukiya did a nice job on the tanktop. Especially at the sculpt of the folds and wrinkles on the tanktop. The shading wasn't so perfect, but the sculpt is okay. Well... that's all for the tanktop, i don't need it anymore. XD

Haruhi + bikini = reason to buy!

This is the real reason why i bought her, Haruhi in bikini. As i remembered, right after this version of Haruhi announced, Griffon Enterprise also announced another Haruhi in bikini, except it's white bikini and equipped with a water gun. I'm not very interested but, i do want to see some review of her. Don't know if it's already released or not, but so far i haven't seen anyone got their hands on it.

Body size = ideal, but no big breast service.

Talk about body size, Haruhi's body is the most ideal body in the anime IMO. Mikuru's breast is nice and big, but she's just too small for her breast size. While Nagato's is... well... flat. So, eventhough this figure serves you with Haruhi + bikini, you won't get any big breast here.

Her face and head is bigger than a usual figure.

I remembered someone said about her face being a little off. I do agree a little bit about this. Her head and face are pretty big, and of course her eyes and mouth also became bigger than usual. But yeah... depending on how you see her, it won't appear as weird as you thought.

Can be considered as "good" figure for Kotobukiya's work.

Talk about Kotobukiya's reputation, sometime they made bad figure, but sometime their figure can be great. And i think this time, Kotobukiya made a "good" leveled figure. The only thing that looks weird here is her head size. Her skin color works just fine, especially for "almost" nude figure.

I like her cheerful facial expression.

But then again, eventhough her head is off sized, she's still got a beautiful and cheerful face. And also i think this is the first time i see a mouth that sculpted so deep, plus it has a teeth sculpted and painted in it. And her hair, well... it's pretty normal, just like your usual Haruhi's hair.

Cleavage and chest, my favorite part in every figures.

Ohh! Cleavage! Hmm... delicious, eventhough is not as big as i expected. Bigger breast doesn't mean bigger enjoyment for me. As long as the girl's not flat and she got an ideal body size, just like Haruhi's body, she's okay for me. Talk about ideal body size, I've seen a lot of H doujinshi and i do hate seeing oversized bust, looks kinda disgusting for me.

Back ribbon isn't that good, but can't be removed, or else there'll be a visible ugly big hole.

I don't really like this big ribbon tied on the back of the bikini. It's just too big, and it isn't nicely sculpted, kinda rough. But too bad, i can't really remove this ribbon because a big hole will be visible and it's ugly.

Left arm, no issue.

I found no problem with this left arm. But i also found out that i have nothing to say about her arm. So, let's skip to the next part.

Right arm, visible ugly gap around the joint.

On the contrary, her right arm is full of issue. This right lower arm is removable, for cast-off purpose. But because of this ability, there will be a visible gap around the joint. It's ugly, believe me. So you have to display her on the right angle in order to hide the ugly gap.

Her sexy pantie. CMIIW, i don't know how to call the lower part of the bikini, so i keep calling it pantie.

What if there's a liquid or water or wet mark around the lower part of her pantie, that would be cool, but this figure will also become a hentai rated figure. Oh anyway, there's a flaw on the paint around the upper part of her pantie. Just see it on the photo and you'll know what i mean.

Sexy butt of Haruhi.

Oh yeah... sexy butt! Sometime seeing sexy butt and wrinkles / folds around the middle of the crotch can be fun, and of course, it can turn you on XD . Eventhough Haruhi isn't as sexy as Mikuru, her butt sure is nice and still sexy. I think you still want to grab and feel it.

Nice legs Haruhi!

I never really like her base, but if you don't want to display her without her base, make sure you provide a soft and smooth base to protect her skin. Anyway, her legs are actually nicely sculpted and painted.Her toes and feet are nicely done, it's pretty detailed.

Sand from Lombok.

Talk about properties, i used sand from Lombok island. This sand is pretty unique. The sand is rounded and big. It's easier to use and it's cleaner than any other sand. Maybe I'll use this sand for next bikini / beach figure photo session.

POI : bikini.

POI of this figure is her bikini. Yeah.... the reason why i bought this figure is because she's Haruhi and she's wearing bikini. Her bikini is a sexy type, it's pretty revealing. And because of this, Haruhi looks sexier than ever.

Whew, that's it for now. I can't make sure there will be more frequent update for now because i have to adapt with this semester's busy life first. So yeah... see you!


  1. Wow, that's a very detailed figurine review! Yes, it's understandable that it's hard to update because of work/school.

    But yeah, looks like a nice Haruhi figure to own. It's cool how the base is textured like sand.

  2. Oh man, Haruhi is the best. Cool pictures and good zooming. thx for the review. ^^

  3. @M12
    Thanks! No... the sand isn't the base. I just removed the base and changed it into sand i collected.

    You're welcome!

  4. Really nice Haruhi!!!!!!
    Do like this one!!!!!!
    Reminds me of Haruhi doing the soda commercial in Lucky Star...

  5. @Rin
    Oh yeah, that's right. Except Haruhi in the commercial is cuter and wears white bikini.