11 March 2009

New title bar, new subtitle, and some stuffs...

The new title bar.

Ouch, it's already almost half of March, and i only got 1 post in March. Yeah, works, assignments, and school really kept me out of my otaku life. Well anyway, i still managed to create a new title bar. 

Well... it's not really new. I just changed the pics with my Teana's photo, changed the size of those black bars, changed SONICVER2's position, and changed the sentences. Of course, the sentences change will also affect on the blog title.
SonicVer2 : The Randomized Otaku
I decided to shorten the title, with still leaving the "random" in it. Oh and the sentences below, i also changed it from "Random stuffs....." to "Specialized On Nonessential Imagination and Creativity of Visual Entertainment and Randomness". There's 2 special meanings in it:
1. Took all the capitalized letters and just see the result when you combine all of them: SONICVER (without the 2) XD .
2. That line refers to my blog's content, figure photography. I specialized on figure photography, which need imagination and creativity, but also it's not very important (Nonessential). And photography is all about visual, you can call it "sweets for eyes", that's what "Visual Entertainment" is all about. And the last is randomness, well... i don't need to explain this.

Those are not the only changes i've applied to this blog. I've also decided to remove "Featured Pics of the Week" because i'm just too lazy to update it per week. Don't worry, this blog will still have its color with the "Random Pics (of symmetrical docking)" attached on the sidebar.

All characters that shown here are my fav characters.

And this last picture explains why i don't update that much. Other than assignments, i used my spare time to watch at least 5 series, with 1 episode each series. I watched Chaos Head, Kannagi, Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, Sekirei, and Hyakko. I've watched most of them up to 10 episodes. Here's my small thought on those series :
1. Chaos;Head : I hate lame male heroine who's surrounded by beautiful girls. Well... it's just to mysterious at the beginning, but in the 10th episode, it's starting to reveal things and you'll know that this anime isn't very interesting in the back.
2. Kannagi : Kinda disappointing for me, but still... i can enjoy watching them doing crazy stuffs.
3. Akane-iro Somaru Saka : Very nice indeed, i like the development between Junichi and Yuuhi, too bad at around the end, there'll be a terrible plot twist. As a Yuuhi fan, i definitely hate this one.
4. Sekirei : meh... lame. If you like ecchi, watch it. If you don't then stop it. I have a tendency to follow any anime to the end, regardless of how bad they "taste".
5. Hyakko : i never agree with people's judgement about Hyakko is bad. I do enjoy watching this anime, except i can't really meet any beautifully drawn girl here. It's just a matter of artwork taste.

Well... that's it for now. Don't expect too much of a new update for now. Soo... see you around, and hope you enjoyed the new title bar!


  1. I like the image, but the text is too simple i think, too thin, maybe it's better if bold.. and.. smaller text size is better *maybe..*
    but it's nice, I like the pic..

  2. I didn't changed the size of the text. Maybe those reduced black bars sized could affect the text looks.

  3. I like the banner, but somehow when I read Sonicver2, the 2 looks like a "S".

    The shorten title its a nice idea,,,..

  4. Thanks. I was just trying to put my fav character figure on the banner.

    Yeah, there's not much different between the 2 and S, except that the S is curved and the 2 is just like 2 in PS2 logo.

  5. I do say...try to make a banner that fits with the header of the site...
    It makes things a lot nicer at times...
    Either cool banner I must say!!!

  6. Thanks man! You too should try putting your great photos on your blog's banner.

  7. Awesome banner. Very U indeed. ^^
    I make a habit in watching 2 ep. per series to the end. That way, I find I'm consistently with the plot and the best bit of all, no suspense towards the ending.

  8. "Very U indeed" <-- that's a very unique way to put it :D, thanks dude!

  9. I also don't get what people mean when they say they dislike Hyakko. It was one of my favourites last season. Sure, no super pretty girls, but everyone's very likeable.

  10. I've finished watching Hyakko, and i know why you like it. Torako FTW!

  11. I like it :) the gun blurred and her face clear really looks cool :)