31 July 2009

Back at HQ and ready for action!


One step closer to our marriage. XD

Back at my HQ at last, and now i can continue doing things i must do. If you ask where, why, and what is all that MIA stuffs, I'll tell you here:

I went to Riau (a province in Indonesia, located in Sumatra island, while Surabaya is located in Java island), landed in Pekanbaru (the capital city of Riau), went again right to a small city 3 hours from Pekanbaru, called Duri and lived there for almost 1 month. Why? It was a step to “upgrade” my relationship with my girl, i met her parents there, Duri is her hometown. And what did i do there was socializing with her parents and her whole family (her mother’s siblings).

It was pretty fun yet kinda hard living there, because Duri isn’t really a big city. It was pretty much hard to find any entertainment. Fortunately i brought my HDD (filled with anime) along with me, so i can watch it there. Also, her family owned 2 net-cafe and multiplayer game center, so i can play there for free, that’s why i was able to do 3 posts there.

I won’t be too detailed about my trip, because it doesn’t really have any connection with my otaku life, so just skip it and move along to the next part.


Completed 12 series in a month.

I did say i watched anime while i was MIA. Yeah, in fact, i finished 12 series straight! I don’t know if i can brag about this number. For a full 30-days of doing almost nothing, i guess that number is pretty small. What do you guys think? In picture above there are 12 girls, who’re also my favorite character in each anime i watched completely: Zero no Tsukaima 3 (13), Shugo Chara (51), Toaru Majutsu no Index (26), Tayutama (12), Code Geass R2 (25), White Album (13), Gurren Lagann, CLANNAD After Story, Hatsukoi Limited, Hayate no Gotoku, Toradora, and Maria Holic.

From this list the anime i like the most is Maria Holic and followed by Code Geass R2. Zero 3 is just filled with more harem. Shugo Chara is long, but fun. Index is just like Shana. Tayutama is just your typical harem anime. Code Geass R2 is totally cool! White Album is confusing. Gurren Lagann is piercing the heaven!!! CLANNAD After Story is soooo sad, but the ending is kinda forced. Hatsukoi Limited is romantically funny and interestingly complex. Hayate no Gotoku is just very normal. Toradora is ridiculous at first and romantic at last. And lastly: Maria Holic is totally awesome and hilarious especially with Kanako yuri action!


I also watch 12 episodes of K-ON!

Oh, i forgot to mention that i watched 12 episodes of K-ON! Just as expected, K-ON is totally awesome. It was a pity that this anime ended in 13 episodes only. I haven’t watched the 13th episodes because i didn’t have it in my HDD back there.

Well, that’s all my very short anime watch list back there. For a full review, just wait for it!


Bought a mahjong set there.

The last thing worth to mention is this. I bought a mahjong set (without the table). Found it in Pekanbaru, got interested in it after reading meronpan’s post about mahjong. I never found this set in Surabaya, so i took this chance to buy it. I took IDR 380k (USD 37) for this set. I guess I’ll find more references about mahjong rules and play it with the right rules.

So there it is! See you at the next post!


  1. 12 shows in a month?? almost 2 days per show.. lol :)

  2. Yes, that's right. I finished the 26 episodes in 2 days, and the 13 episodes in 1 day.

  3. Tsumagi has big eyes ^^ and wow tha's a lot of Anime, that's more than I watch in 2-3 months xD

    But hey welcome back and congrats on the step closer :D

  4. I have nothing better to do than watching anime, so yeah, that's the result.

    Anyway, thanks!

  5. a mahjong set! that's awesome ^^ i'd totally get one but i don't have anyone to play with -_- well, mostly because i'd want to play the japanese reach/dora rules since i know them now -- but i'm sure none of my friends know those rules. ah well.

    that's an insane amount of anime you got through. my viewing rate is much lower ^^;; but you went through some really great stuff! code geass is currently among my favorite anime 'cuz it did a good job grabbing my attention and just taking off for 2 straight seasons. kinda the same with gurren lagann.

    dang i need to get finish up the series i'm in the middle of too... think i have a few more episodes of hatsukoi limited left...

  6. I bought this set because i can play with my girl, my bro, and I'll also invite and teach 2 more friends to play with.

    Code Geass is great, i totally agree. Hatsukoi Limited is regrettably short, but that way you could finish it fast.