07 July 2009

Random Photos done by my girl

This post contains some photos which were done by my girl. While i was busy with something else (i forgot), she snatched my DSLR + 100mm macro and did some nice photograph on these 2 beauties. Anyway, this post contains photos with small caption from me. Enjoy!

louise1 Louise’s cute loli face.

louise2 Louise almost full view.

louise3 Accessory on her boots.

louise4 Her popular flat chest.

louise5 Red ribbons on her hair.

louise6 Her gothic styled choker.

louise7Her gothic (or maid) styled hairband.

louise8 Yet another ribbons on her stockings.

mikuru1 It’s Mikuru’s turn.

mikuru2 Side view.

mikuru3 Cleavage!

mikuru4 A red rose hair accessory.

miyukiNendoroid Puchi Miyuki.

Please do give feedback for these photos. She’s still trying to learn photography here. Well, that’s all the photos! See you later!


  1. She did a nice job. I really like the first Mikuru shot. They were all really nice pictures.

  2. Great pictures. The macro pictures turn out very well :)

  3. She did an awesome job, maybe even surpassing your skills ;D

  4. hmmm for all the figure photography i've done when pressed i'm finding it hard to provide any useful feedback ^^;

    mmmm well i guess i would say then looks pretty good to me ^^; perhaps some of the photos aren't as sharp as they could be? couldn't view any exif data so dunno what shutter speed she was using... i assume the shots were handheld?

  5. Just beautiful picture with my lovely Louise, and the sweety Mikuru ^^ Congrats

  6. @NanoZero
    Yeah, i guess so. Thanks!

    I think so too, especially the flower hairpin photo. Thanks!

    You can say that again XD . Thanks anyway!

    Thanks for the feedback. As for the sharpness, i don't kn9ow if her hand was shaking at that time.
    Just to let you know, she set the shutter speed 1/100 with F8.0, of course with the help of wireless flash fired upward and bounced.

    Yeah, they're beautiful. Thanks!