16 October 2009

WTF!? Apparently Haruhi is featured in an advertisement


“Hey Kyon, I’m using esia now!”

Sorry for the Indonesian language in the caption, but this is made by anonymous Indonesian otaku who found something that made him (and me) goes WTF!!! Anyway, the caption said: “Hey Kyon, I’m using esia now!”. FYI, esia is a name of a mobile phone service provider in Indonesia. In the screenshot above, Kyon’s sister said that she’s using esia as her provider.


The WTF banner!

There’s a particural reason why the anonymous Indonesian otaku made an edit on that screenshot. Apparently, he found something WTF in front of esia’s office in Bandung. An advertisement banner. Just proceed below if you want to see it clearly.


"Haruhi wants you to use esia"

Just show your esia provided mobile phone and you’ll get discounts in certain outlets. But that’s not the point! See the WTF part!!! It’s HARUHI FOR GOD SAKE!!! It’s Haruhi MaxFac figure photo with a mobile phone in front with the vectored hand illustration. That’s why in the screenshot above, Kyon’s sister using esia: BECAUSE HARUHI WANTS YOU TO USE ESIA!!!

I am sooooo not gonna change to esia! XD

Anyway, here’s the source: http://gedebuk.com/haruhi

A pretty much random post, but that’s all… See you!


  1. I think esia will win some followers with the advertisement banner

  2. Yeah, some loyal followers would change. XD

  3. well.. actually, the one who said "Kyon I'm using Esia" is haruhi, she's on the phone (remember, on the endless eight, haruhi always call kyon..)

  4. erm, Isn't it like " Tayutama - Kiss on my Deity" ?

    I spotted the deity as "diety" lol

  5. @Kiro
    Oh that's right! Thanks for the correction! I'll change it right away. XD

  6. The worse thing is:
    Kyon-kun, denwa.