21 December 2009

I'm (somewhat) back

Senjougahara Hitagi - unrelated pic.

Yeah, I'm pretty much back, specially for Christmas. For about 2 months, I left my blog vacuum because of my school projects. Anyway, i don't know if i can say I'm fully back. The school projects i mentioned, is way far from over. Here's the detail about the projects...

I got 5 projects on my hand right now. If you want to know what kind of hell I'm in right now, check this out:
  • Client sever programming: with Oracle as server and a self built desktop application (using Delphi 7, yeah... laugh as hard as you want XP) as the client.
  • ASP.NET: rebuilding MoeDIA using ASP.NET engine.
  • Enterprise Java: rebuilding MoeDIA again (minus the transaction part) using Java Server Faces framework.
  • Software Engineering Project: building a web-based office messenger using PHP engine.
  • Practical work in my college: building an online web-based class selection input system using PHP engine.
You see, these 5 projects started in July 2009 and all of them should be done in just 6 month, so yeah... right now, I have only 1 month or even less than that to get all my projects done. So far, here's my progress:
  • Client sever programming: 80%
  • ASP.NET: 2%
  • Enterprise Java: 1%
  • Software Engineering Project: 70%
  • Practical work in my college: 90%
Judging by the number, you can say that my progress so far is pretty bad. And i have to change these numbers to 100% before the 2nd week of January. But as this post said: "I'm back", then that means I'll fill this blog with some posts specially for this Christmas.

Christmas will come in less than 1 week, and for this Christmas holiday, more interesting things will pop up here. So yeah, be sure to check it out! See you at the next post!


  1. yeahhh.. not just you, overwhelmed by projects.. i think, every people in STTS just share the same fate this holiday.. hahahaha.. projectious holiday (new adjective made by my own to reflect this damn busy holiday)..

  2. Yeah, that's right. Almost everyone in stts suffered this holiday with full of projects. So that means we can't enjoy our holiday to the fullest.