29 December 2009

Christmas presents for me and from me


Early Christmas presents.

Christmas has passed, but i haven’t posted anything about Christmas present. Well, you could say that these presents are early Christmas presents. Yes… the presents are: iPod Touch 3rd generation 64gb and a 3.5” Western Digital HDD drive with 1.0TB of capacity. I myself bought these items around 2 weeks before Christmas, so they’re early Christmas presents.


Western Digital 1.0TB 3.5” Harddisk drive.

I barely have any disk spaces left in my current Harddisk. My disks are filled with giant development software and servers, like Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server, MySQL, Apache Server, Oracle, Java NetBeans IDE, GlassFish and Sun Application Server. Not only that, but i have a 500GB HDD full of anime. I do plan to use this 1.0TB HDD mainly for anime. Nice huh? I can’t say that I’m a full fledged anime fans and collector, because my friend Noel has THREE of this thing filled with anime and manga stuffs!


iPod Touch 3rd Generation 64GB.

Next, and the best item is: iPod Touch 3rd Generation with 64GB capacity. iPod Touch itself has already released more than 1 month ago, but the 64GB version just reached Indonesia at the first week of December. I already planned on buying this at November, but i never planned on buying the 64GB one. Initially, i planned on buying the 32GB version, but after giving a second thought on the price, i decided on 64GB. FYI, i bought this with IDR 3.9 millions (around USD 410).


Inside the iPod Touch: manua, USB cable, earphone.

iPod Touch did help me a lot in optimizing my idle time. I got a lot of “20 minutes wasted time” in my life, especially because of my part time job in campus as an lab assistant. So i just put all my anime in iPod Touch, and watch the episodes while i got 20 minutes unused spare time. Waiting is a pain in the ass, but iPod Touch made the wait better.


iPod Touch is supper thin.

iPod Touch got a nice design, and it’s waaaaayy thinner than iPhone. I myself never really know iPhone actual size, but after i bought this and made a comparison with my friend’s iPhone, i realize that iPod Touch is super thin.


Back side of the iPod Touch: cool!

The back side of the iPod is reflective. I can even shot my Teana Lanster by focusing my camera to Teana’s reflection on iPod’s back. Too bad, my oily hands easily made oil marks on the back. That’s why a week later after buying, i also bought an external case, to protect the back side, from oil marks and scratch.


Senjougahara Hitagi as the album art, sweet!

As Expected, iPod Touch isn’t just your everyday portable music and video players. I’ve downloaded some application in it, including: Facebook, eBuddy, Google, BlogPress for Blogger, Wikipedia, Photoshop.com mobile, and some other games. I also put almost all of my mp3s and some encoded anime episodes in my iPod.

Well, that’s it for now. More post coming, so see you!


  1. Noel tell me he use to backup every single series he downloaded for archive purposes. God dam, I betcha no one can beat that. lol

    Not sure if it's just me but I find the popularity of the iPod Touch declining because of the iPhone. I see many ppl carrying the iPhone instead of the Touch.

    Also I had to grab a 1 TB HD as well because I was running out of space thanks to my anime backlog. lol

  2. lol optic wasn't it is something that most otaku do? i myself never delete any anime i've download on purpose (in accident yes quite a number of series. nb accident include when burning/smoking HDD)

    i thought iphone sound quality wasn't as good as ipod...dunno bout i touch though...but most of my friends bring ipod and i touch at the same time which make them ....ah you know...

    @sonic....lol can't miss hitagi huh...

  3. @Optic
    I did what Noel did before i got my 2nd HDD: 500GB Harddisk. Burning all the anime series in a DVD, and store it for archive, and delete the series after burning for disk space. But i stopped doing that now. It's a pain in the ass.

    As for iPod Touch, regardless of the popularity at least i got more disk space than iPhone. XD

    Anime backlog sure is a pain. I just realized that i already got my 2nd HDD full recently. XP

    Yeah, but i heard from ron~ that lately, he's been watching an episode and delete it after finished watching. Or he even watch it streaming in crunchyroll.

    iPod Touch and iPhone quality are almost at the same level, except iPod Touch 3rd gen got a new processor. Don't know if it's better than iPhone.

    About Hitagi, yeah... I'm all Hitagi for now. XD

  4. I bought recenlty the last Iphone (3 GS) and I am really happy to have it ^^ I like Iphone/Ipod design ! Congratulation for this nicely present !!

  5. @Leonia
    Ahh, iPhone. Nice gadget, except for the capacity.

    Anyway, Thank you!