31 December 2009

Anime in 2009


3 out of 4 character from anime i watched in July 2009.

Even less than 24 hours, as i write this article, this year 2009 will reach its end and we’ll welcome a new year 2010. And here i am bringing you another recap post, it’s about anime in 2009.

Anime in 2009 could be good and could be bad. I myself have so much experience about anime this year compared to last year, since i devoted myself to anime more than games, figures, or even blog post in October (yeah, one of the reason my blog is in vacuum state is anime). I even ate 12 series in 40 days, while I was at my girl’s hometown. Except, most of the anime i watched were backlogged anime. In the past fall season, i tried to get myself watching anime “ongoing style” (download then watch). But The backlog anime and school projects didn’t let me do that. Instead, i got almost all of the season also went to my backlog list.


K-On and Saki are in my list.

Anyway, in this 2009 recap, I’ll put 9 worth to mention anime title because its goodness or its badness accoding to me:

  • K-On!
  • Saki
  • Shangri-La
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Toaru Kagaku no Railgun
  • Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu 2
  • Kampfer
  • Seiken no Blacksmith

Let’s get in depth of each anime.


Moe moeeee…. Kyun!!!

K-On! is a controversial anime, just like Haruhi and Lucky Star. K-On is so popular that it could bring so many lovers and haters of this anime. I myself still enjoy watching this anime, because it got its own humor, music, and girls. Akiyama Mio is my favorite, and she’s still in the top row of my favorite character. I don’t know what you haters would think, but the fact that I’m enjoying K-On doesn’t change. How about you? Is this anime in your 2009 worth to mention list?


Moe mahjong!

Saki has more lovers than haters i think. This anime brought moe to serious mahjong table. Worth to mention in 2009? Yes… This anime made my day, and this anime even made me learn to play mahjong XD . My favorite from here: Takei Hisa. Saki could be one of the best anime in 2009, but i don’t think it would be the best of the best. The most controversial things in Saki is: IT NEEDS ITS F***IN 2ND SEASON!!!!


No more moe…

Shangri-La is IMO one of 2009 anime that needs to get more attention. The first episode gave you a girl who can destroy a tank with her boomerang. And then this anime gave you 2 transsexual, 1 little tomboy girl, and some other weird looking people. Yeah, this anime isn’t about character design or cute moe girls, it’s about deep story. Some of you maybe bothered with those 2 transsexual, but putting that aside, Shangri-La got a good story, believe me.


I love those two. XD

This anime wasn’t even on my list when the season started. But after seeing some art and asking my friends’ opinion, i put Bakemonogatari on my list, and watch it right away, since at that time, Bakemonogatari already reached episode 13. Well, you could say that I’m suddenly in love with Senjougahara Hitagi, especially after her “I love you” confession in Mayoi Snail ark. The anime itself brought a unique style of art and story. I guess this is also one of the best anime in 2009.

Konachan.com - 60983 sample

Only my railgun!

Before continuing, i should let you know that i just watched 3 episodes of this anime. But i knew it right away, this anime would be a great anime. Before Railgun, there was Index anime, but it seems that Index has lower screen time than Misaka. I myself already put Misaka as my favorite character from Toaru Majutsu no Index, and i think most of you did that before. So the airing of Railgun could be a great moment for you Misaka lovers. You could get action packed railgun action, yuri action, and some cute girls around.


The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I’ll be waiting for this.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya second season is i think the most controversial anime in 2009. While everyone expect too much on this, KyoAni gave them shit. I don’t know what was KyoAni thinking. They made this second season worth only 7 GODDAMN UNIQUE EPISODES!!! First they made a fake schedule, then they made EIGHT SIMILAR ENDLESS EIGHT EPISODES, and then they made only 1 arc worth of 5 episodes: The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya. Is this anime worth watching? I don’t know… But KyoAni, also made us expect more Haruhi in MOVIE format: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. Will this movie bring us more tragedy? We’ll see in 2010.


Canaan and Alphard.

TYPE-MOON lover? Not really, I’m not a TYPE-MOON lover, but so far i enjoyed watching anime from TYPE-MOON visual novel: Tsukihime and Fate Stay Night. But CANAAN isn’t a good one. CANAAN did bring a good shoot out action in the first episodes. But next episodes? No… it worse. CANAAN filled with some weird characters and deep heavy story. Not sure if i didn’t enjoy this because i don’t understand, but the fact doesn’t change: i don’t enjoy this anime, so this anime is a list of disappointment in 2009.


Yuri, action, and ecchi.

To tell you the truth, i only watch this anime only for 2 episodes. I tried to guess what’s inside. Don’t know if it’s worth mentioning in 2009, but Kampfer brought me my favorite genre: Yuri. Kampfer content is easy to guess: yuri, harem, ecchi, action, and some moe stuffs. Standard stuffs for otaku. Is it great? You decide…


It’s anime about sword and blacksmith.

Once again, i only watch this anime only for 3 episodes. I can’t say that this anime is a good anime. But to tell you the truth: it’s fun seeing Cecily Campbell being bullied by Luke XD . I still don’t know what or how the story’s going but surely, Seiken no Blacksmith could be one of the let down in 2009. Still want to watch it? Me: I’m going for it. How about you?


Also waiting for episode 14 and 15 of Bakemonogatari: continuation of Tsubasa Cat.

Well, that’s it for the anime recap! Expect for the last post of this year: figure recap, coming up tonight! So… see you later!!


  1. Shangri-la disappointed me, especially compared to Xamdou and Bantorra (although Bantorra took some time to grow on me).

    Bakemonogatari is alright, but way too overrated and pretentious. I'm at the point now where I don't care if I watch the last 2 eps, and would rather re-watch my favorite Mushishi and Yuujinchou episodes to get the highs that it's trying to replicate (and Spice and Wolf for a much better version of Senjougahara x Arararagi).

    Railgun was cute for Kuroko, but even more banal than Index was (so far). Darker than Black and Fullmetal Alchemist had superior stories, action, and characters.. just less fanservice.

    K-On and Haruhi just showed that KyoAni doesn't care about anything but money anymore, and together with other hints from 2009 we can see that otakudom has become hopelessly addicted to moe.

  2. Shangrila could bad and good, depending on your taste.

    I still follow bakemonogatari only for Senjougahara Hitagi and Hanekawa Tsubasa. That's all.

    FMA is action packed, I saw it some of the episodes in animax. It's cool, but railgun suits taste better.

    I totally agree with you about kyoani and money. Even some otaku were willing to buy those endless eight DVD shits. I don't know what were they thinking.

  3. K-Om has a merit. Many people seems to like it a lot and now will have a second season.

  4. Yeah, i heard about the second season. I surely hope that it won't be a repeated 8 similar episodes again. XD

  5. I think I can satisfactory say, series from 09 did offer some of the best in a long time. K-On!, FMA: Brotherhood, Valkyria Chronicles, Bakemonogatari, Railgun are just a few to name. I know there are plenty more but this year, I find I didn't watch all that many.

    I think as the years goes by, I'm starting to cut back on many. Nowadays, I'm not making time to watch them or catch up. If I have the time or feel like watching an ep. or a few, I will do it.

  6. I agree, the titles you mentioned sure are a good ones.

    I guess you won't have to worry about cutting your watch list, since the number of anime itself is already dropping this year.

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