26 December 2009

Surabaya Toys, Games, and Comic Fair 2009


STGCF ‘09.

Since Christmas Specials is over, it’s time to get back into normal otaku post. This time, i brought you an event coverage. This is Surabaya Toys, Games, and Comic Fair 2009. It was held in BG Junction, the same place i won a photo competition. Total running days of this event is 9 days, starts from December 5th and ended in December 13th.


This kind of events are getting worse.

I’m starting to get the feeling that events like this in Surabaya are starting to lose its popularity. These kind of events are no longer a good place for us otakus to do treasure hunting. In the first event ever, i could stand around watching these place in 3 hours. But now, I left this place less than 1 hour after i was arrived. I heard from Wajuwa’s owner that this event was some kind of backup event (plan B).


Plan B event.

I won’t ramble about how much American toys took away Japanese PVC figures place in the event. I’m here to focus on how they did an epic fail on plan A. As i said above, this event is somewhat a backup plan. The first plan was to held an event in PTC, just like Toy Magz Fair 2008. PTC is a good place for event like this, it has a lot of people coming, and PTC is one of the best shopping mall in Surabaya. They already planned to held the event there in September – October, but i heard they failed to negotiate with PTC management and that means they failed to get the place.

BG Junction is another alternative to held this event, it’s cheap, but this place is lame and low on people. It’s a worse alternative, but i guess they think that “this is better than nothing”. While they failed on getting good place, they still managed to get this event running, i guess that’s better than nothing.


Epic fail? maybe.

Back there, i still thought that the PTC event would still be held a week after this event. So i decided to went cautious and proceed carefully with the treasure hunting. After i met Wajuwa’s owner, i asked him about that PTC event. I was shocked after hearing his answer. He said that the event is cancelled and he explained the reason to me. Yes… it’s about the place. They didn’t get it so it was cancelled and this event was their backup plan.


The whole Shuraki for IDR 3.5 millions, around USD 300.

I think these figures on the photo above are the best treasure i could found. Five Shuraki, damn great! The problem is, you have to buy the whole set. The store owner didn’t sell it individually. Price? It’s IDR 3,5millions, maybe around USD 300. If you were there, will you get them all with that price?

Talk about treasure hunting, I remembered the first time i went on an event like this, i was very excited and could came everyday. It’s Surabaya Toys Festival 2007, i already had my SLR but this blog wasn’t here alive, so i didn’t have any coverage for the event. I came 3 days straight but only bought 1 item, i haven’t start seriously collecting stuff back there.

The next event was still from Surabaya Toys Festival, the 2008 version. The real hunting began there. I got 2 figures from that event. And continuing Toy Magz Fair 2008, with 4 figures as the loots. That’s one pretty crazy and i think that event was the event with best Japanese PVC figures around.

There were still more events held soon after STF ‘08, but they were pretty much disappointing events. And starting from that time, i never bought anything but figures from Wajuwa. Other following events were just total BS just like this event.


Wajuwa’s stand, filled with Japanese PVC as always.

Well, no matter what kind of event being held, Wajuwa never let me down. They always come with a lot of figures, a gold mine for us figures hunter. See photo above? There were a lot of nice figures (but i already had all the figures i like). I saw: Kannagi, Fauna, Gift Saber, Akashiya Moka, Haruhi Gekisou, Mikuru Gekisou, Unity Yuno, Alter P3 Mitsuru, Alter P3 Elizabeth, and some other old items. Nice, but i already had all the stuffs i want.


Wajuwa’s nendoroid collection.

At the side of the stand, Wajuwa had 9 nendoroids on display. He asked me which one you already have? And i said Kureha… Soon after that he opened the case and showed me all the nendoroid he had. I was interested in Kagamiku, Miku, Riannon, and Nankyoku Sakura. It was hard picking which one to bought between 4 of them. In the end i bought 2, expect the loot coverage in the next post.


Game club gathering.

This event had the word “Games” in it, so there were some games competition and gathering for Surabaya’s games club: Dugem (Dunia Game –Game’s World-). Tekken 6 was the popular game back there, so they focused mainly on playing Tekken 6 in PS3. There were also people playing unknown Wii games.

Well that’s it for this event coverage. Expect the haul at the next post. See you!!


  1. The event may not be great,but i still got some loot (just a gundam halo actually :D )
    and i also bought kagamiku about two weeks ago..it veeerryyyy cute :D

  2. You were there too? Did you bought kagamiku from there too?

  3. Very impressive posting. I enjoyed it. I think others will like it & find it useful for them. Good luck with your work. ;-)


  4. yes i was there to..i went there with hourai :)
    But i didnt bought d kagamiku there..
    i bought it from someone at a forum :)

  5. Ohh! Hourai's friend!? What a surprise! Are you by any chance someone i knew?

  6. Yes, i was one asking u bout your loot at the event,remember? :)

  7. Ah i see. I can see the similarity in your real name and your nickname. XD

  8. lol XD
    well anyways, keep up d good work :)
    we want more figure review!!! :D

  9. Okay, u got it. Thanks for the support!