22 December 2008

Toy Magz Fair day 1 and 2 - Items, figures, and sellers

Err... excuse me? What's that figure?

What's this girl doing here? Err... she's actually a SPG of a figure stand in Toy Magz Fair 2008. This event is an event held by Toy Magz, a popular hobby based magazine in Indonesia. This event was held in Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC) Surabaya, from 5th to 7th December 2008, around 2 weeks ago. It's a yet another great figure and toys event for us otaku in Surabaya.

I will provide the coverage for this event, and I'll divide the coverage in 3 posts. The first post is about day 1 and day 2, it's all about items and figures sold and the sellers. The second post is about day 3, cosplay and photography competition. And the last post will be the loot post. I think I'll post each of them once a day.

NB: Because of the global economic crisis, USD and JPY exchange rate were pretty high. I'll assume that in the event time USD 1 = IDR 11000 and JPY 1 = IDR 137.

Stand full of American toys, as usual.

If you've read my coverage about Surabaya Toy Festival 2008, you'll know that Indonesian collectors are mainly collecting American toys. It's safe to say that 50-60% of the sellers in this event are sellers who sold American toys, such as Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and so on... But that doesn't mean anime figures were out of place in this event.

Seller from Malang, American toys, gashapon, air soft gun, and a few number of PVCs.

I'll provide coverage for this part by getting deep into each sellers' stand, and what things did they sell there. Let's start from the seller above. This seller actually came from Malang, a city located 97km from Surabaya. Or you can say that they came from another city. Their effort wasn't a waste, i got my first loot from this seller. What's item is that? You have to wait for the 3rd part to come XD.

Naruto, One Piece, and some other s***s stuffs.

This sellers gave so many kind of gashapon sets, including the popular and expensive Kingdom Hearts gashapon. Most of them were Naruto and One Piece gashapon. Unlike me, many collector in Surabaya tends to collect Naruto s***s gashapon, but not PVC. That's why this stand wasn't really that interesting to me.

Radio control of cool helicopter and cars, complete with ... baby!?

Talk about toys, this event wasn't a figure exclusive event. Radio controls are also toys, and they had the chance to show up in this event. There were some nice display of radio controls in this stand. Some cool helicopters like Apache were there. There were also radio controls of cool cars like Lancer Evo X, Ferrari F599, etc. I know they were cool, but radio control isn't just my stuff.

Warhammer diorama, some kind of war board game.

So what's this small diorama doing here? It's a diorama of Warhammer. I don't know much about Warhammer. I think Warhammer is some kind of board game. It's a war board game (i think, correct me if I'm wrong). But for me, it's just a diorama of a medieval time war. Looks cool, but that's not what we're looking in this place.

Some PVC figures in Warhammer stand.

Actually, some nice figures were available in this Warhammer stand. There were some nice notable figure like Kanu Unchou (dunno what's type), Kousaka Tamaki, Evangeline (Konami), and someone from Negima (i forgot, also from Konami). Too bad those figures weren't just my type. So I'll have to pass for this one.

Multi Toys stand, notable things: discounted PG Gundam kit.

Next stand is from Multi Toys. General selection of toys were available here. Starting from card game, board game, American toys, Gundam, and some figures. Multi toys focused their business in general toys, so some of their PVC figures were bootleg. But they DID sell some nice Gundam kit, like PG Strike Gundam, PG Wing Zero Custom, and some nice MGs, of course with discounted price!

Saber, my favorite local figure store.

This is actually a display table of a seller's stand. The seller store's called Saber (yes, it's Saber), and this store is my favorite store. If i said things like "ordered / got from local store", then that means i bought the figure from this store. I got my figma Kagami from this store right in the 2nd day of this event. The figma Kagami isn't really a loot from festival because I've ordered her a long time ago, and it just coincidentally arrived in the festival time.

Special items #1 spotted - Demonbane.

Saber actually sold some numbers of nice PVC figures, including Shuraki Needa, Bible Black, Kanu Unchou, Nyx, Shunya Yamashita figures, etc. They also had some nice Gundam kits. I noticed some special item in this store in the 2nd day. It's the mecha from Demonbane. I forgot the name, but i know that thing is cool.

Toys n Toys stand, if you're looking for Japanese PVC figures, here's your place.

Well, the sellers' stands above was just warm up. The real deal is this 3 sellers, starting from this sellers, Toys n Toys. This store sold some nice notable PVCs. I was interested on some of them, but i didn't buy it. I already had some targets and some loots back then. Toys n Toys is a store that focused on Japanese PVC figures, no wonder their collections were this good.

Find your buried treasures here!

I found some interesting things here. I know some of them and i didn't recognize the rest. Let me name things that i remembered. Mizuho Kazami (GSC) old item, Matou Sakura battle version, Kotona Elegance bikini (MF), Rin bikini, Mizuki Takase, DOA girls, and the rest i don't know. I kinda interested in Kotona Elegance bikini version, but i ended up left her untouched. I think the price at that time was IDR 440000, convert it yourself if you want to know, but one thing for sure, it WAS a good deal.

Gongzai anime store, lots of cool stuffs.

Next is Gongzai. This seller is somewhat special. They have some nice collections of Japanese PVC figures. And not to mention, i also bought 1 of them which became my 2nd loot in this event. What's that item? Once again wait for the 3rd post and see it for yourself.

Expensive, even if it is pre-woned and without the box.

Gongzai got some notable figures here, like Shana, Asuka, Tsukino, Comic Party, Sakura Matou, Mizuho Kazami, etc. The downside was, they were all pre-owned figures, without box, only figure with plastic seal. And they're not as cheap as they look. Some of you may think that figure box can help you raise figure selling price, but that doesn't work for this store. Because of "rarity" reason, they can give you some expensive deal. Fortunately, i managed to get my loot at a lower price than the normal price.

For more detail here are some photos of nice figures in this store:

Asuka striped clothes from Kotobukiya.

Van of the dawn, from Gun X Sword, dunno what's the manufacturer.

Hulk....... not much to say.

Tsukino Asuzagawa, from Yakitate Japan, by Happinet. One of people's favorite.

Maybe some of you would ask, why do i miss Tsukino? That's because i bought another nice things before i met this Tsukino in the event. So i have to hold myself and save my money for the next haul.

Wajuwa toys - don't be fooled by this photo because behind them were treasures.

I think this is the best store in this event for me. When you look it at a glance, you only saw American toys, but behind this head statue lies so many treasures for Japanese PVC figures collectors. This store is Wajuwa Toys. The first time i met this store was at Surabaya Toy Fest 2007 (November 2007), i still remember at that time they still focused on American toys. But now they sold so many nice Japanese PVC figures, with BARGAIN PRICE!

The first part of Wajuwa's stack of figures.

A stack of nice figures lies here, also with nice price, convert it to USD / JPY to know how cheap Wajuwa sold them. There were Saber maid (GSC) for IDR 500k, Fauna (Max Factory) for IDR 600k, Lottie Gelh (Koto) 200k, Succubus, Nagato Yuki swimsuit (Alter), Sherice Zarbach for 600k (Orchid Seed, kinda disappointed with the quality of the sculpt), Uesugi Kenshin (Kotobukiya), Mizuho Kazami bikini (GSC), Cammy, Rider maid (GSC), Ymir pink version (Megahouse). The list continues below...

The 2nd part of Wajuwa stack of figures.

Left side of figure stacks there were: Dark Saber, Jordth - Megachu, Tomami Yuma maid (Koto), Princess Waltz, Unison Vita for IDR650k (this is damn cheap, Alter), Nagato Yuki with (MF) for 500k (pretty much expensive if you compare it with JPY price). Shuraki Needa, Rose, Spirit of Wonder, Siesta maid for 500k, Yuzuhara Konomi swimsuit, Airi (Megahouse) for 500k, Arcueid=Brunestud (Alter) for 500k. There were also some nice nendoroids like Nendo Haruhi and Melissa Seraphy, and some figmas like Saber, Rin, and Kyon.

The 3rd part, lower portion of Wajuwa's stack of figures.

And this is the lower part of Wajuwa's stack of figures: Ryofu Housen, Kanu Unchou, Onechanbara, Teni, Mitsuru Kirijou (Alter), Natsume Rin for IDR 500k (Kotobukiya, my friend bought this), Nanoha Instructor (GSC), Emma Ai, Komaki Ikuno, Sonsaku Hakufu. That's not all. A total of 2 items were missing from those 3 photos above. I bought 3 items from this store, and i took those photos after i bought 1 item. The 2nd and the 3rd item still exist in one of those photos. What're the items? Wait and see for the 3rd post.

Terminator figure, it's so damn tall.

The coolest things in this stand is this Terminator figure. It's so tall, the box itself is around 1 meter tall. But yeah, it's not really my stuff, so nothing much i can say. FYI, someone actually bought this thing.

Bugati car model from Collector's House.

Back to another seller, here's Collector's House. They sold American toys and some nice cool car models. If you noticed, it's the same Bugati car models from the Surabaya Toy Fest 2008. I think the price is just so high that no one can buy it. This item is more than a year old, and still stay in the store.

Here are some photos of Collector's House's collections :

Mercedes Benz E200 classic.

Tony Stark the Ironman, pretty big.

Tony Stark opened his mask.

Obama figure, dunno what kind of joke is this.

Hobby Station's Gundam kit collections.

Talk about nice items, Hobby Station provided some nice items with a higher price than usual. This was the only place you can find Infinite Justice MG, for 700k (real price JPY 5500). And there's also MG Strike Freedom Gundam limited edition.

A special item here, Gothic Haruhi (Griffon).

A special item spotted in this stand. There was Suzumiya Haruhi gothic version, from Griffon Enterprise. It was pretty expensive back there. Gothic Haruhi isn't really my style, so i'll pass this one.

Lego Taj Mahal in Lego stand.

Here's Lego store stand. Some of you may say that Lego building is kids' stuff, but you know some of the results were cool. Like this Taj Mahal Lego model. You need to put some efforts to build this you know. Hey, i used to be a kid and i used to build a Lego. Small Lego maybe easy stuff, but building Lego of a building model is not as easy as it looks.

Some weird contraption of Gundam RX-78 and Zaku.

I also found some funny stuffs like this Gundam RX-78 and Zaku. Looking cute and funny here. I forgot where this thing came from. You can find many of this things in event like this.

Modified Strike Gundam.

This event was relatively small lenght-wise. That's why sellers stand focused on displaying their items, not nice diorama or nice completed Gundam. This Strike Gundam is a rare find i guess... It's a modified Strike Gundam, with orange-gray colored, dragoon like wings, and some nice sword.

Well that's it for the 1st part. For tomorrow, there will be the 2nd part about cosplay and photography competition. Look forward to it, and see you!


  1. only Multi toys sells bootleg? wah that's nice improvement, I saw plenty of bootlegs from most figure shops when I was looking around in Surabaya. Saber sells all authentic figurine tho :)

  2. Yeah that's right. In the STF 2008 there was a store from Semarang called Shinra Toys, they had some stack of Nendoroid bootlegs. It seems that they didn't participate in this event.

    You can find some nice treasure in Surabaya if you know how and where to look at.

  3. its nice to see an event like this that has fair amount of japanese stuffs. unlike the Year End Toys Attack that i recently visited where i only spotted 2 stands that selling gundams :(

  4. Well, only certain stands sell Japanese stuffs. This event itself was mainly dominated by American toys though.

  5. hmmm shinra, i quess i know who he is :)

    lately there is a lot of toy fair in all around java island big city :p

  6. Yeah, i think so too. In this 1 whole year (+1 month) since November 2007, there are already 3 toy events in Surabaya.

    FYI, i heard that the next Surabaya Toy Fest will be held at May 2009.