29 December 2008

Yagami Hayate - the biggest haul

Another Alter's masterpiece, Yagami Hayate.

Because of the exam and projects last month and first week of this month, i have to delay the haul photoshoot and this post. I think most people already got their hands on this figure, and worship displayed her. This is Yagami Hayate from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, manufactured by Alter.

Big box, big figure, big price, big shipping cost, big wallet damage.

I think this figure did the largest damage to everyone's wallet. First of all, her price is already high, a whacking JPY 9800. And the greatest things of all, it was released in global economic crisis time. Yeah, around this November, IDR reached its lowest exchange rate possible. And i paid this Hayate right when IDR at its weakest point (USD 1 = IDR 13000). I bought this Hayate from Play-Asia, it cost me IDR 2 millions (USD 160), this purchase almost killed me.

Pretty much the same size as Fate burst version.

Play-Asia always gives you a cardboard box that bigger than the actual figure box. When i first saw the cardboard box, i was surprised on how big it was. At first i predicted that this Hayate's box would be as big as Fate burst's (Alter) box, but it turned out to be bigger than Fate's. But it's just the box anyway, the figure itself is still in pretty normal size.

All parts came from this figure, don't expect cast off.

Not many parts came with this figure. Starting from the Hayate itself, the wand (forgot the name), book, hat, alternate head (unison version), 2 upper right wings, base set, and Reinforce. The 2nd upper right wings is to attach Reinforce on Hayate. I don't like Hayate with her unison hair that much, so right now I'm displaying her with her normal brown hair. The wand is bigger than thicker than Fate burst's Bardiche Zanber.

This is what i call masterpiece. All hail Alter!

Reinforce here is too small, and she also has exactly the same pose with Hayate. You have to be a little careful on Reinforce, she's so small that it's easy to lost her. Overall this figure is very cool and great, it's worth the price. Hayate's appearance itself is already great, with the battle jacket, color combination, and her 6 black wings, and Alter once again successfully created this masterpiece that resembles Hayate's greatness.

This is what i call greatness!

I think this is the biggest figure purchase of this year, no... i think it's the biggest figure purchase of my life, price and size wise. The 2nd big purchase of my life is Ignis, price wise, but I'm very disappointed with her... it wasn't worth the price. And the 2nd big purchase size wise of my life is Fate Testarossa.

Well that's it for now, next up is Double Haruhi haul, coming right up! Look forward to it!


  1. Nice you finally post up Hayate!!!!!
    I have her too...
    Same as you, I got it at a high price...
    I think it cost me around $100 USD...
    I still think it was worth it...the bad part is....I need to find a place for the box...

  2. Haha, yeah the box is somewhat annoying. It eats up huge space indeed.

  3. hail Alter!

    yeah this one cost me plenty as well.. my most expensive figurine so far, all including the shipping cost me around A$245 (yay for very weak AU$ -_-)

  4. I think we can give this figure "expensive figure award". But i guess global economy crisis doesn't stop people from buying this expensive figure.

  5. Could have got it in Hong Kong and saved myself a high shipping price. I did some research actually to compare shipping prices via HK post office.
    Big reason I didn't get her was because, I have NO room for her. T_T

  6. Wow NO room!? You should clean up some place for her man. She's damn good, even too good to be missed.