28 December 2008

figma Kagami haul

figma Hiiragi Kagami.

Talk about slow shipping, my local store managed to ship this with the slowest option of all shipment. Yeah, i ordered this figma Kagami a loooong time ago, and when people already have their hands on this figures, i was still waiting for this figure to arrive. I got this figure at the 2nd day of Toy Magz Fair 2008.

Another figma from Max Factory.

This is another figma of my favorite characters, Kagami. Yeah, like usual people did, i always prioritize buying figure for characters i know and i like. After collecting a number of figmas, i decided not to collect too many figma, because of their quality and some issues, but of course this figma Kagami and future figma Hayate are exceptions.

What's inside figma Kagami.

For a figma, this Kagami doesn't have too many parts. I think it's because she came from Lucky Star and Lucky Star isn't an action anime. That's why there's no weapon or whatsoever. Well figma isn't all about weapon or anything, but it's about how you play with them and make a funny or cool pose with them.

figma Kagami parts, not as many as i expected.

She came with 2 faces, 6 pairs of hands, a book, base, and the figma plastic. Kinda dissapointed because I'd expect something like the "Konata punchline" face, or something to that effect. The faces are normal face and laughing face. All pairs of hands are the same as Konata except the last pair is for the book. Anyway the book came without the picture, you have to stick it for yourself.

I won't let Konata suffers from loneliness.

I think this is the last 2nd figma i bought depending on the future figma release. The real last figma will be figma Hayate, which will be released in January 2009. At first figma was great, when i first got my Haruhi, Nanoha, and of course Fate, i knew that i would collect more figma, but until i got Konata and some problems with Fate, i decided to stop collecting figma after this Kagami and Hayate.

Need more Kagami expression.

Almost all of my figma have their own problems. Haruhi's front hair, Nanoha's hand and front hairs, 2 Fate's hands broken, and Konata's peg is too loose. But i can see that there's improvement in this figma Kagami. I haven't found any problem with her, for now.... Eventhough i said this, i think i still stick to my decision of stop collecting figma.

Kagami: "Konata, look at my eyes and say it...."
Konata: "I love you Kagami..."

The only fun i have with figma is having them in yuri position or something to that effect. Yeah, yuri FTW! But too bad i rarely change their pose and left them like a static pose figure for a whole month.

That's it for now, more hauls coming up! See you and look forward for the next post!


  1. this kagami looks nicer than konata :)

    heh, i always put them in static pose for months.. only saber got changed 3 times

  2. Yeah, i too haven't changed my Haruhi since.... i forgot how long it was.