30 December 2008

Double Haruhi haul

Another Play-Asia box, looks small but...

This is the next haul right after Yagami Hayate. It was shipped 1 day after Hayate, but arrived 1 week after Hayate. I had a little problem with this haul, not because of the items, but the release date. Hayate was delayed 1 month, from October to November, and this Haruhi (Alter one) was also released at November. The problem is, my budget should have been IDR 1 million++ per month, but because of Hayate's delay, i have to spend IDR 4 millions in one month (November).

... it has 2 Haruhi inside.

The box looked somewhat small, but inside there were 2 Haruhi figures. It's Suzumiya Haruhi beach version, manufactured by Kotobukiya, and Suzumiya Haruhi school uniform version, manufactured by Alter. I combined these 2 items order because i thought they were released at the same month. Yes... they were released at the same month, except the Koto version released at early November, and the Alter version released at the end of November.

Suzumiya Haruhi beach version - Kotobukiya

First, let us get into the beach version one, from Kotobukiya. I think this was the first announced figure of Haruhi in bikini. Right after this announcement, Griffon also announced that they will also release Haruhi in bikini. The reason i bought this Haruhi from Kotobukiya is because of the bikini. Yeah... Haruhi is my favorite character, and i need to see her more in alternate costume, like this bikini.

The tanktop is removable.

Well, i do need Haruhi in bikini, so i decided not to display her in her tank top but in her bikini. She actually came with that yellow tanktop. The tanktop itself is removable, it's made with some flexible kind of plastic like Liu Meifeng's clothes or Airi's maid costume. Another things to notice is the base, it's somewhat unique. I was expecting some kind of sand base like Shana candy bikini though.

Haruhi in bikini, hmm... sexy!

I think this costume is based on an official Haruhi illustration. For a Kotobukiya manufactured figure, I'd say that this figure is great. Nice color skin, nice sculpt and clothes, sexy pose, and of course her facial expression is great. No objection for this figure. If you're looking for Haruhi in bikini, i think this figure is your answer, you can find it in Play-Asia.

I forgot to attach the small ribbon on the chest.

At first i didn't know that those 2 ribbons have to be attached if you're taking her tanktop off. I didn't notice that there's a hole in her chest, to put in the small ribbon. The big ribbon can be attached in the back, and i thought that the small ribbon can also be attached in the back for alternative ribbon. But i was wrong, and i photographed her without the small ribbon attached. You can see it clearly that there's a hole in the chest of Haruhi in the photo above.

Overall this figure is great, also it's Haruhi in bikini, that's what makes it sexy, delicious, and HAWT! XD . So that's it for Haruhi beach version, from Kotobukiya. Next up we'll move on to Haruhi from Alter.

Suzumiya Haruhi school uniform version - Alter

Yeah, this is what I'm actually waiting for. It's Suzumiya Haruhi school uniform version, manufactured by Alter. It's rare for Alter to make Haruhi figure. That's why i decided to get this right away after it was announced. Alter is my favorite manufacturer, and Haruhi is also my favorite character. With those 2 combinations, there's no doubt that i have to take this one.

One of the best 3 Haruhi figures in the world.

As usual, this is a very static figure. There's no alternate part, there's no castoff, only the whole figure itself. No problem for me, because i enjoy arts, not parts changing nor removing clothes. From all of Haruhi figures released in this world before this version is released, the best Haruhi figure is Haruhi Max Factory version IMO. But this Alter's Haruhi changed my perspective. I think there will be 3 great Haruhi figures: MaxFact version, Alter's version, and extravaganza version from MaxFact.

Also became my favorite figure.

The only flaw i can see in this figure is her skin. She got a pale skin, even paler than Kotobukiya's version. I think that pale skin is Alter's characteristic in making figures. You can compare this Haruhi's skin with Hayate's skin, and you'll know what i mean. Overall this is still a great Haruhi figures, and this figure also became one of my favorite figures.

Well... that's it for now, i think this is the last haul of this year 2008. See you on the next post!


  1. Need more pics of the bikini ^^;; Nice figures, I'm a Haruhi fan too, but decided to miss out on these ones. I really really want the new extravaganza-thingo one too, and I have mine pre-ordered as well.

  2. For more pics wait for January figure photoshoots, there will be a lot of photos waiting. I also have the extravaganza pre-ordered.

  3. this alter ver looks good, hope she wont bend tho :D

  4. It's one of the best Haruhi figures IMO. I hope so...

  5. I kinda regret not getting Koto Haruhi. She looks gorgeous and I like how different the base is compared to other swimsuit figures with the usual sand base.
    Dam economical crisis. Dam low AUD. >_<
    The downside of 08 IMO.

  6. It seems that the crisis will continue even in 2009. Better prepare yourself for this.