20 December 2008

Nendoroid Shana haul

Yet another PA box. I haven't seen this for a while...

I think I'm the latest person who posted about Nendo Shana haul. While everyone already got their hand on Nendo Shana and posted it on the blog (like meronpan), i was still busy working out my projects and studying for my exams. This box actually came at the 3rd week of November. Fortunately, i managed to find spare time to get my camera and take some photos for this haul.

Nendoroid Shana red version.

It's Nendo Shana red version. I forget the real name, i think it's Enpatsu Shakugan version. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a little weak in memorizing long Japanese name except i heard it over and over again. FYI, GSC released 2 version of Nendoroid Shana. This is the red version and the other is the black version. You can see it both in meronpan's melonpan post.

Cool? Yeah, Funny? Somewhat... , Cute? Guess not...

This Nendoroid Shana red version is less funnier and less cuter than the black version. Equipped with angry face, her jacket, and her Neitono no Shana, she got her coolness yet funny aura in this figure. But yeah, Nendoroid is all about fun and cute, so if you want to get Nendoroid Shana, i recommend you to get the black version.

As usual, this is what's inside a Nendo box.

From October to November, almost no haul arrived in my place. I really missed the feeling of opening the cardboard box, take my camera out, and photograph my haul. Opening this Shana made me feel like i haven't opened any figure box for ages. It sounds exaggerating, but it's true.

Complete parts of Nendoroid Shana red version.

As i told you before, this version of Shana is less funnier and less cuter. See the pics above, compare it with the black version, and you'll know what i mean. Nendo Shana red ver. came with 3 faces, normal face, angry face, and >.< face. This red version is equipped some coolness like Nietono no Shana, Alastor (necklace), the jacket, and the base. Not to mention, she also came with 3 pairs of hand. The black version is equipped with nekomimi and melonpan, i think that's what's make Nendo Shana black version cuter.

"Don't mess with me!"

I keep saying that the black version is funnier and cuter than the red version, but that doesn't mean the black version is better. I think you decide that for yourself. Nendoroid can be good, funny, cute, or cool depending on how you play with it. That's why GSC always gave you alternative parts, so you can be creative with them.

"Hey! When will my turn to play come?!"

I decided to get the red version because i like her red hair and red eyes. How about you, which one do you prefer, the black version or the red version?

Wow dude... It's already a whole month since my real post, and it really feels so good to be back online and be able to post new things out. So that's it for now, look forward for the next post!


  1. I got her too!!!!!
    Shana is sooo kawaii!!!!
    I have both versions and I do love them equally!!!!
    I look forward to the next post!!!

  2. Thanks, lucky for you man, you got both version. I'd like to have the black version too..

  3. I got the red one from Hong Kong and I'm still finding the black one from ebay. Because of the credit crunch, I'm taking my sweet time. T_T
    I will let u know which one I prefer which I get the black one. ^^
    It's good to see ya back.

  4. Wow, still hunting the black one i see... Good luck with the hunt man!

  5. haha I canceled my order for this one, going to try getting the black hair ver :D black is better for me :D

  6. Just as i thought, most people said black is better. Good luck with the hunting!