23 December 2008

Toy Magz Fair day 3 - Photo competition and cosplay

Toy Magz Fair 2008 in day 3 complete with Dante.

Toy Magz Fair 2008 wasn't really that eventful in the day 1 and day 2. The main event happened in the 3rd day, and of course i was there to participate and cover the events. There were some events starting from photography competition, cosplay contest, NDS Mario Kart Tournament, auctions, and contest winner announcement.

Around 14.00 local time at that day, photography competition started and i also participated in that competition. The objective was to collect 4 photos with each photo has a different theme. This photography competition was all about "story inside a photo" and not about beauty in photo.

This is the photo i submitted for Macro for Micro theme.

The first theme was Macro for Micro photo. In this theme, participants have to take a shot of small Warhammer diorama. It sounded easy, but it's not, believe me... Warhammer diorama is so small that you need some macro lens to take your photo to the next level. But remember, beauty of photo didn't count, the judgement was based from photo's story and its title.

Here are another photo i taken for Macro for Micro theme :

"I need more blood!!!"

Wheelcart of corpses, terrifying.

The undead knights.

An unknown gunner or swordsman or whatever...

Horseman with nice axe.

Shooting moving objects (helicopter radio control).

Next theme was Shutter Speed. As the name implies, you have to shot moving objects using your camera, of course without motion blur or any other blur that caused by moving things. Sounded easy for flash mounted SLR, but remember... The main objective of collecting this theme wasn't only to get nice sharp image of the radio control, but also create a story within that photo. Anyway i lost most of my photos and my submitted photo for this theme, so the only photo left is just this photo above.

Photo i submit for this theme : "Looks interesting!"

Next theme was about Exhibition Activity. The main objective of this theme was to catch some nice and unique happenings around the Toy Magz Fair. I think you need some luck to win this theme, because i wasn't lucky enough to get a nice and unique photo with a nice story inside.

"I'll kick your ass!"

And the last theme was Action Pose. The target was to get nice photo (with story) of figures. There were many figures displayed around the event, it's easy to get a nice set of pictures of them. But to get a nice picture with story wasn't as easy as it sounds. Here are some photos i took for this theme :

"Red alert! Prepare for launch!"

Classic robot.

Batman vs. Joker.

Terminator Head.

Van of the dawn, from other angle.

In case you're wondering what's that red light came from, I'll explain a little bit here. By using wireless flash system, everything can happen if you happen to be at the right place, at the right moment, and with the right properties. I had my wireless flash fired at my bro's stomach who were wearing red T-shirt at that time, and the result was Dante and Gundam photos above. If you're firing flash to some colored panel, the light returned will be the same colored as the panel.

Anyway, i didn't win anything. I lost at the story i guess... I couldn't really make some nice title for my photos, so i ended up losing the competition.

Soki cosplayer...

Next event was the cosplay competition. I didn't have any photos of auction and the NDS tournament, so this is the last batch of this event coverage. Cosplay competition of this event was great! More cosplayer and better cosplayer came at this event. I can say that they were really great with style, details, and characters. But one thing i can say for sure, Indonesian cosplayer need more cute girl to cosplay. XD

Here are some nice sets of cosplay photos, some of them managed to get at the top 10 best cosplayer at the cosplay competition :

Yuna summoner - the costume was nice, the girl was somewhat cute, she got into top 10.

Yuffie Kisaragi Advent Children version - need cuter girl XD

Vincent Valentine - the costume was great, but his hair was rather messy.

Tokyo Mew Mew - I like this one, she's cute with that purple maid outfit.

Tenkai from Onimusha - Cool, one of the top 10 cosplayer.

A SWAT team member - not cool, but he came with complete equipment.

Spawn - This one was great, and he got into the top 10.

The punisher - meh, i don't like him.

Onimusha group - Tenkai's cool, except Soki's sword's cooler.

Nene & Ina - both are my fav, Ina was the winner of this competition, the girl's cute and the costume's great.

Lizard - who the hell, don't care.

Lelouch - Err... he was a.... she!

Kikyou and Kagome - nice costume girls, but you should've given them to better girls.

Kamen Rider RX Bio - Lame...

Another Kamen Rider dunno - Yet another lameness.

Kadaj - Cool outfit, but his hair seems to always get on his face, entered top 10.

Joker - cool yet frightening.

Random Japanese girl - they didn't enter the competition though.

Inuyasha group - I think they really should hand over their costume to better girls.

Guan Ping - Looking nice and strong.

Fate's Archer vs Assasin - cool fight dude!

Fate group - Archer's entered the top 10, Caster was my fav.

Alicia Valkyrie Profile - Nice outfit and the girl was so-so, she entered the top 10 though.

Well, that's it for the 2nd part of Toy Magz Fair coverage. I'll have the haul photo covered around tommorow or the day after tommorow, so keep looking forward to it!


  1. that lelouch is a girl? :O totally flat tho haha

  2. Yeah, she is. I too was mistaken at first.

  3. WOW!!!!!
    A lot of good stuff happened!!!!!
    Lulu is a girl....wtf...
    Too bad you didn't win!!!!! I hope you win next year!!!!!!

  4. Yeah, cosplay in this event was way better than the other events. That Lulu is a girl, believe it!

    Thanks, i do hope there will be another competition.