30 December 2008

December computer upgrade

Wireless router, Harddisk, and 3 LAN cables.

Right about last week, i bought these items. Yes... those items are computer peripherals, another upgrade for my computer system. Early this month, i mentioned that i changed ISP into Speedy, 1 Mbps unlimited Internet connection. To add the enjoyment of the internet service, i decided to setup a simple wireless home network. I also decided to add new harddisk in my computer. I bought Seagate 500GB SATA2 harddisk, for anime storage purpose of course. Normally i would store my anime in DVDs, but that's too annoying, so i decided to get a new storage for the anime. Anyway the harddisk cost me IDR 860k, or around USD 80.

The network is supported by Linksys' wireless router - WRT54G2. With this router, i can connect my primary computer (call it Core), my secondary computer (call it AMD), and my PS3 to the Internet simultaneously. I can do many things with this network, such as: Internet sharing, file sharing, client server programming, etc. Before i bought this, i usually let my Core computer turned on all night to download anime series. But now, i can leave this job to my AMD computer all day and night and let the Core computer rest.

I first thought it's hard to setup a network, but with the step by step help from Linksys' manual disc, it's easy to setup a network, except you have to deal with the dynamic IP. After some experiment, i managed to create a static IP for my Core, AMD, and PS3, and let my friend with their laptop connect to the network with dynamic IP.

I never keep track of network peripherals, but i knew that this router is a second release of Linksys' wireless router. There are 3 wireless router i knew from Linksys: WRT54G, WRT54GL, and WRT54G2. WRT54G already discontinued, and WRT54G2 is the substitute, of course with the same specification, except for internal antenna. While WRT54GL is equipped with Linux support. WRT54G2 costs me USD 58.5 with exchange rate at IDR 11400 per USD, so i spent around IDR 665000. FYI WRT54GL is IDR 150k more expensive than WRT54G2, around USD 79.

My room (almost) latest condition.

Well, enough about my computer. This December and also this year almost reached its end. This is the last condition of my workspace, except that i haven't installed the wireless router yet. It's getting even more crowded than before, and I have to start filling the upper level of my rack. I don't know what's my brother doing with Crossbone Gundam and Strike Noir Gundam, but those 2 Gundam should've been there beside Shin Musha and Force Impulse.

Well, that's it for now. Only 1 day left in 2008 and i still have to do 2 posts about my 2008 figures and my 2008 games. I planned on making some nice Javascript application for this figure and games summary. Hope that i can finish them tomorrow, so look forward to it!

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