24 December 2008

Toy Magz Fair - Loots

Complete loots from Toy Magz Fair 2008.

Figure event's coverage isn't complete without the loot post. I got total of 5 figures from this events, and all of them are old figures. You can call it treasure hunting. Events like this are chance for us figure collectors to find some buried treasures. Just look at the photo above and you'll know what i meant. Nice old figures tend to get out of stock quick, and you can only find them in ebay with a freaking high price. But my loots here are like treasure for me, and of course i got them all with bargain price. Anyway Shin Musha Gundam isn't mine, it's my brother's loot.

Once again, this post today will be filled with numbers and currency, so we have to assume that: JPY 1 = IDR 137 and USD 1 = IDR 11000. But all of the items in the loots are old items, the seller got them before the global economic crisis, with exchange rate like this: JPY 1 = IDR 80 and USD 1 = IDR 9000.
Most of the seller assume that JPY 1 = JPY 100, with this conversion, they can get their shipping cost from the IDR 20 difference per JPY. For example like Shin Musha Gundam's price is JPY 5000, by multiplying it with IDR 100, the seller sold this Gundam with IDR 500k, including the Gundam, the shipping cost, and his own profit.

Here are my loots, sorted by time acquired:

Komaki Manaka maid - To Heart series.

Komaki Manaka maid version
, from To Heart series, manufactured by Kotobukiya. Yeah, I've been looking for this one. I hesitated when i see her up for pre-order at the first time, and because of my hesitation, i missed her. But no regrets at that time. And this time, i was lucky i met her in the event with low price.

Manufactured by Kotobukiya.

I got her for IDR 450k, so that means it's JPY 4500 if we use old exchange rate. Her real price is JPY 5800, so i can say i saved JPY 1300, that's some number, pretty nice deal i guess... I got her from Wajuwa toys. If you forgot what's Wajuwa toys, you might wanna look back to the 1st part of this event coverage.

My first maid figure.

Komaki Manaka is my favorite character from To Heart series, and i also like maid costume. Eventhough i like maid costume, i still haven't owned any figures with maid outfit, and this Komaki Manaka is my first maid figure. She looks nice and still sexy with that outfit. Her maid outfit is equipped with frills and of course back ribbon. I like this figure!

Elwing bikini version - Shining Tears.

The 2nd loot is Elwing bikini version from Shining Tears, manufactured by Max Factory. I think this is a lucky find. The one who sold me this figure came from Malang. Their main products were American toys, Gundam, and air soft guns. So you can consider this a very lucky finding. Shining Tears and Shining Wind might not be that popular, but the figures are selling like hotcakes.

Manufactured by Max Factory.

I got this Elwing for IDR 450k or JPY 4500 using old exchange rate. The real price is JPY 4800, but i can say that you're very lucky if you can find this figure with old price. Max Factory's Shining Tears figures are people's favorite, especially Shining Tears bikini figure sets. Events like this in Indonesia is not showcase for new figures (unlike Japan), but a place for treasure hunting.

Elwing in bikini is HAWT!

I think this is the 2nd bikini figure i have in my collection. The first bikini figure is Shana Candy Bikini. This Elwing looks gorgeous. The leaves on the hips can be removed, and the green towel can also be removed leaving only the main bikini on. This Elwing is filled with sexiness, thanks to Max Factory for making this happens.

Al Azif bikini version - Demonbane.

The 3rd item and the last item for day 1 loot. Yeah i forgot to mention that i got these 3 items in day 1. It's Al Azif bikini version, from Demonbane, manufactured by Alter. You might be confused at first seeing this photo. I got this Al Azif unboxed, and the store owner told me that this figure is pre-owned. Talk about buying pre-owned figures, have you ever bought a pre-owned (opened, displayed, touched, whatever) figures? Anyway i bought this figure from Gongzai anime store.

Manufactured by Alter.

Eventhough it's pre-owned figure, the seller sold this item to me for IDR 425k. I never knew about this figure at that time, so i assumed that this figure real price was JPY 5800. I was totally wrong! This figure real price is JPY 4800 (IDR 480k old exchange rate), and i was somewhat ripped off by pre-owned item! I know that if you have a rare unopened figures, you can sell them with double the price, but if you've opened the figures, i don't think you can reach even a normal price (depending on the rarity).

My 3rd bikini figure, i bought total of 2 bikini figures from this event.

Enough talk about price. This figure is somewhat unique. Starting from hairstyle, i never find any illustrations / pictures of Al Azif in that hairstyle, it's cute. And it's the same for her swimsuit, i never find any illustrations / pictures of Al Azif in that swimsuit, it's also cute. She also has a cute pose. Her left sandal is actually unconnected, it's easy to lost it, so i decided to keep the sandal inside my container and displayed her without the left sandal.

Lottie Gelh - from.... dunno.

Starting from this figure, it's day 3 loots. This is Lottie Gelh, or Lotty Gelth in Tsuki-board. I don't know which one is true, but I'll use Lottie Gelh since it's written that way in the back of the box. I don't know where she came from, and she's manufactured by Chrono Gate (never heard of it). She's damn cute you know. The reason why i bought her is the price.

Manufactured by Chrono Gate (?)

I bought her combined with Airi from Wajuwa toys (again). So i managed to get some discount from the owner. With a little bargain i managed to cut Lottie's price from IDR 200k to IDR 150k. After some research in Tsuki-Board, i found out that i got this figure with a crazy deal! Her real price is JPY 5280, so i got her below the half price! That's why i decided to bought her, cute and cheap.

Cute, loli, dfc, everything you need for a lolicon.

Yeah, she's damn cute. Especially with her blue one piece and sided curly ponytail. The downside is her hand is covering her cute smile. I couldn't find an angle to photograph her right at her eyesight while showing her cute smile. So in exchange, i got her pantie showing. Tho only thing i worried about is leaning. She's floating, and her feet is attached to a weird green crescent. Leaning is always a possibility, but looking at her pose, she got high possibility to lean quickly.

Airi - Queen's Blade R2.

The last loot for me is Airi from Queen's Blade R2, manufactured by Megahouse. I think people already know about this figure. I don't know what's Queen Blade / Gate about, i don't know the characters, i don't know the books, all i know is i bought Airi because she's cute, gorgeous, and wears maid outfit. XD

Manufactured by Megahouse.

I never thought that my impulse would got me this far in getting into Megahouse's Queen's Blade collection. Yeah, i saw her with IDR 500k price, and i also saw Lottie Gelth with her cute face and cheap price. So without hesitation i took my bargain spirit and said to the owner "Can i get Airi and Lottie, for 600?". But his price was already low, so i only got IDR 50k discount. That's okay for me since these 2 figures were already at a low price. Let's say if the IDR 50k discount fully goes to Lottie, so i can say that i bought Airi for IDR 500k. Her real price is JPY 5250, eventhough it's not far, but it's still a nice deal.

Yes she's a maid, no she's not gonna clean your place.

Okay, i bought 2 bikini figures in this events, and know i bought a total of 2 maid figures in this event. Yeah, this is the 2nd maid figures i have in my collection. Except this maid isn't your everyday cleaning maid. Broom is everyday's maid "weapon" but she got scythe for her weapon, literally speaking. I like her maid outfit, she's gorgeous, and i know she's totally castoffable right until she's nude and only has her pantie left to wear. Another nice twintailed blonde maid added into my collection.

Shin Musha Gundam.

And this is the last item, Shin Musha Gundam MG, my brother's loot. With a budget of IDR 500k, there are some nice selection to made, like Shin Musha, Launcher / Sword Strike, Zeta Gundam, ZZ Gundam, and so on. There was also MG Infinite Justice, but because this kit released at the global economic crisis, the store owner sold it with IDR 700k (real price JPY 5500, i think). The choice went to Shin Musha, because it's somewhat unique, as a Gundam.

Master Grade kit.

My bro got this Gundam for IDR 500k, from the store that came from Malang, the same store where i bought Elwing. Judging by the real price, which is JPY 5000, i don't think my bro got this Gundam with a bargain price. But yeah, because of spirit of festival (i mean event), he bought it anyway.

Shin Musha Gundam reminded me of Sanada Yukimura from Samurai Warriors.

This Gundam looks really cool! With the combination of classic Japanese samurai armor and nice Gundam body, this Shin Musha takes you into another level of Gundam kit building and displaying. He got some nice set of classic physical weapons, unlike any other Gundam who used beam saber and beam rifle to fight.

Well that's it for the loot post, which also marks the end of my Toy Magz Fair 2008 coverage. FYI i got my figma Kagami in the 2nd day of the event. But i didn't want to put it here because it's not loot but it's my order. I've ordered it a while ago, and i got it coincidentally at the event time.

I still got some haul posts to do, and i think i'm gonna make it happens at least tomorrow, so look forward to it!


  1. Lovely loot!!!!!
    Surprisingly...I don't have those either...
    Want to see shoots of them!!!!!!

    Merri Kurisumasu TOO!!!!!!

  2. yah, lovely loot. I want that elwing :O

  3. @Rin
    Thanks, photoshoots coming right up, just wait and see.

    Thanks! Good luck finding her :P

  4. a nice price for this condition >_<

    it's nice to find a treasure in the most unexpected event lol

  5. @Vixion
    They still used their old exchange rate + discount, that's why it's crazy.

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