28 December 2008

Figures cleaning

Already built all of those.

That's table in the photo above doesn't really have any connection with this post. It's just my brother's doing. Actually that's my foldable table, and if my brother has done a Gundam kit, he'll stick the unused part of the Gundam stickers here. Just an irrelevant topics here, now let's move on to the real topic.

It's empty, a very rare and unusual view.

Did you notice something's missing from this photo? Well it's not something but everything's gone. They weren't missing, but i moved them all for cleaning purpose. Well, it's holiday anyway, so i think i'd use my spare time to do figure cleaning... full cleaning. At normal day i still clean my figures, except i'd do it the easy and fast way. So how about you guys? Have you cleaned your figures properly?

2 cosmetic brushes and a camera blower.

For my cleaning tools, i have 2 cosmetic brushes and 1 camera blower with me, so i can clean figure's enemy: dust easily. Some figures have a spot that a brush / tissue can't reach, so blower is a very good friend for you. How about you, what kind of cleaning tools you guys used?

(Almost) My full collections, can you guess how many figures in this photo?

Full cleaning means that i have to move all of my figures out of the room, and clean them up one by one. Cleaning a figure sounds easy, but not all figures can be easily cleaned. You have to unattach the part and clean them up individually. That's why it took some time to clean the whole collections.

Anyway, i've done this cleaning before i opened up my Toy Magz Fair loots, so you won't see any of my loots (except Shin Musha Gundam, my bro's finished it before) in the last photo. Well... that's it for now, see you at the next post!

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