11 June 2008

Surabaya Toy Festival 2008 - day 2

Sorry for the late update :P. I planned on posting this on Sunday, but with Mathematics exam and Computer graphics project, i had to delay the post. So here's the coverage for 2nd day of STF '08. The main event for the 2nd day is cosplay, nothing much new for the figures sold.

I couldn't get the photos of their action.

First, they called some martial artists to demonstrate some of their move. They also called some swordmaster to demonstrate some move using katana. I don't really know what's the point of calling some martial artists in this toys and hobby themed event.

C.C. and Haruhi.

The main event was Cosplay Cabaret Contest. In this contest a group of cosplayer have to perform a small drama. I didn't watch Code Geass, so i don't know about the characters, but the girl on the left called herself C.C. . I don't know if it's true or not, but it doesn't seem like C.C. i used to see in some illustration.

Hare hare yukai dance, very Haruhi indeed.

This group performed Hare hare dance in the last part of their drama. I guess this is the first time someone performed a Hare-hare dance in Surabaya open in public. There are no beautiful girls cosplaying here, so i guess the people here kinda ruining the image of the real anime characters. But i guess, they have the guts to show off in public.

Zero cosplayer.

Last year, 80% of the cosplayer were cosplaying Naruto s***. Almost all of them are Narutard. The rest were cosplaying tokusatsu things. In this year event, almost 50% of the cosplayer were cosplaying tokusatsu. The other cosplayer were cosplaying anime characters. Some of the cosplayer were wearing their own original costume.

C.C. is the best 9.

After the Cosplay Cabaret Competition, there's a small event called "Best Cosplay". Not all of the cosplayer participated in the Cosplay Cabaret Competition. In this best cosplay event, they were all called to the stage and perform some nice moves. In the end, the judge chose the best 9 from all of the cosplayer.


Some contestant of Gundam diorama contest already submitted their work. This is yesterday V-Gundam, with new custom made action base. I don't know how they made base like that.

Freedom Gundam.

Now this what i call creativity. The contestant used wax to create a unique effect. It's Freedom-Gundam. The winner of this contest was annouced at the last day of this event. Too bad i didn't come at that day, so i don't know who's the winner.

Mirei-san in a diorama. I wonder where'd they get that chair.

Events like these are rare. Only 1 event per year. Some of the participant came from other cities, or even other province just to open a stand and sells their collection here. That's why almost no new figure today.

Another treasure.

Here's some treasure i didn't notice yesterday. There are some good things around here like: Luca (AR2 MaxFact), Shuraki Needa, Shuraki Meifeng, Yuma maid, Komaki Ikuno, Nagato Yuki swimsuit ver. , etc.

In the end, i bought this. Liu Meifeng, Shuraki Trinity box 2. I never knew Shuraki before, and i don't know how they can be so popular. So i bought this with normal price, JPY 6800. It's a good deal i guess, looking at Liu Meifeng's price at PA.

This event was held in 6-8 June 2008, and it's in the middle of my exam period. I didn't come in the 3rd day because i have exam in Monday. So, this concludes my coverage about this event.


  1. I believe that mirei figurine comes with the chair :)

    I would love to come to event like this, any news about this kind of event in September this year? :D

  2. From what i've heard, STF '08 is held annualy, so i guess no event like this in Surabaya for September.

    But if it's in Jakarta, there are more than 1 event like this per year.

  3. Are they cosplaying Lucky Star in the first picture? O.o

    The saber one is extremely COOOL XD!

    Btw, mind to link exchange? ^_^

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  4. No, they were just wearing sailor uniform.

    I've added your link in my blogroll, Thanks. :D