13 June 2008

Kureha (Kotobukiya) - STF '08 Loot #1

Alright!!! Exam period is over today. This day is the last day of exam and this officially ends the academic activities for this semester. I had a lot of hard time dealing with the subjects in this semester. But oh well, everything has already gone away like a wind. Anyway enough chitchat about this semester, here's today topic:

Kotobukiya Kureha.

Kotobukiya Kureha, loot number 1 from Surabaya Toy Festival 2008. As i've told you before, i got this figure with a nice deal. A JPY 300 lower than the normal price. I guess events like that help me getting figures in a good deal.

As usual, photographs on the backside of the box.

At first i didn't plan on getting this figure because i already have Max Factory's Kureha. But after seeing this beauty in the festival, i kinda interested and ended up buying this figure because of the great deal given by the seller.

No alternate parts.

After seeing figma with so many parts, i kinda forgot on how a fixed pose PVC figure doesn't have that many parts as figma. This Kureha is actually my first fixed pose figure after 2 consecutive figmas haul.

Kureha's parts, not really that many.

I never consider castoffability of a figure because i enjoy the fashion, not ecchiness. So i don't really care if you can take off her skirt and see her white panties. I like Kureha's clothes, it's like a combination between uniqueness, traditional, and sexiness (big breasts and visible cleavage). Anyway, she came with her bow, this time the bow has a golden colored string.

Watch out when she shoots you.

Her face looks kinda cute in this figure. In Max Factory Kureha, her face looks melancholic, giving beauty and elegant feeling. The best thing in this figure is the pose, yeah the pose. It's like a battle pose, elegant battle pose.

Still sexy even from the back.

I don't really know how to put her bow in her hand properly, so i just put her bow just like in the official photos. Even from the back you can see her sexiness, her big breast and her sexy butt, very nice. With her clothes flying like that it's actually pretty hard to put her on my desk since she consumes a more space on her front and her back.

Comparison with Max Factory Kureha.

The reason i missed Kotobukiya Kureha was Max Factory Kureha. I thought that if i had 1 Kureha, i don't think i should add more since i already had one and this Kotobukiya Kureha isn't that special. But oh well, in the end i bought it. Here's side by side comparison of the 2 Kureha(s).

More dynamic pose, that's the thing i can say for Kotobukiya Kureha. Max Factory Kureha doesn't have any dynamic pose. I'm not going to compare the quality of the sculpt and the painting since Max Factory always wins in these parts, just look at Kureha's collar. You can compare the quality of the painting there. Max factory Kureha gives a more realistic face. With that sad and melancholic expression, Max Factory Kureha wins. But Kotobukiya Kureha still has her own cute face.

Well, that's it for today. This day is still Friday so i guess there's still tiem to vote for ISML, so go for it! And don't forget to look forward to 2nd loot of STF '08, Liu Meifeng.


  1. cute indeed! but MF one looks more elegant.. and that won my heart more XD

  2. Yeah, that's why i didn't preorder her at her preordering period.