06 June 2008

figma Nanoha - Mid year figure haul part 2

Another HLJ Box.

Yesterday i got this thing, and again it's from HLJ. I used EMS this time because of long wait (almost 1 month) using SAL. Actually, this figma Nanoha was shipped at May 28th, and Reinforce Zwei was shipped at May 14th, but this figma Nanoha came earlier than expected. Yay for EMS XD.

figma Nanoha Takamachi - barrier jacket version.

What's inside? It's predictable. It's figma Nanoha. That's EMS for you dude. You can track it, so you'll know what's coming and what's not. This figma Nanoha box is bigger than figma Haruhi box. Sky and pink color for the box background, that's Nanoha color theme.

Official photograph on backside of the box.

As always, backside of figma box is always full of official photograph. You can see all of them even before this item is released.

Once again, elite packaging.

The packaging figma gave is, once again, rather special and elite. With some manual, and background for the box. In figma Haruhi, the background carton is a reflective silver colored carton. But this time, there's a Nanoha, sky, and magic circle. I can't use that as a reflector.

There are always many figma alternate parts, make you want to play with them.

As always, so many alternate parts, make you want to play more with the figma. Starting from Nanoha itself, 5 pairs of hands, a pair of flier fin, 2 faces, 2 front hairs, the Raging (or Raising) Heart with those 2 modes (i forgot the name, someone please remind me), and a plastic bag to keep all of them from separated and lost.

The white devil has arrived.

Finally, completed figma Nanoha. Took me some time to get her in shooting pose. I put the flier fin on, so i have to make her flies. Same as nendoroids, playing with figma is always fun. If you're a figure collector, i recommend you to buy at least one figma. Try to have fun with them, and you'll know why it's fun.

This whole June and July would be a paradise for me. While doing my exam and projects, more figures will come :
- Reinforce Zwei - Alter (waiting for arrival)
- Fate Testarossa - Alter (waiting for arrival)
- Elwyn - Kotobukiya (waiting for arrival)
- Mikuru maid cafe - Alter (preorder)
- Nanoha instructor uniform - GSC (preorder)
- Chua Churam - Alter (preorder)
I'm waiting for HLJ to open preorder for figma Fate and figma Konata. The preorder for these 2 figures has been opened, but usually it's cheaper in HLJ.

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