11 June 2008

Participate in ISML!

Sapphire match 4 result.

Japan Saimoe reached 3000++ votes in the final match. Why can't a International Saimoe match reach even a thousand votes?

Sapphire necklace standing.

I've been participating in this ISML events for around 1 month. And i think that ISML needs more voters. It's international level but the participants doesn'e even reach a half number of Japan Saimoe voters.

Konata vs. Rena, hard to choose.

Today (now) the Sapphire 5 match is still in going. Why don't you vote now? I had a hard time voting for Rena or Konata. Both of them are my favorite characters.

Overall standings.

So far, this event has reached half way from the tournament part. But it's not too late for participating. Better late than never.


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