15 June 2008

Liu Meifeng (GSC) - STF '08 Loot #2

Liu Meifeng.

This is the second loot from STF '08, Shuraki Trinity Box 02 Liu Meifeng. This figure is made by Good Smile Company, so the quality should be great. I'm really curious about this popular Shuraki series so i thought i gave it a try since i got it with a nice deal in STF '08. Normal price of this figure is JPY 6800, you still can get this thing in PA around USD 70, and i get this figure with exact JPY 6800.

Shuraki Trinity Box 02.

I'm surprised that with this JPY 6800, you got not only the figure but also a booklet and original drama CD, which is very good deal. Figure price nowadays is pretty high, so this figure is definitely a great deal with that bonus come with the figure.

Inside Meifeng box.

Most of you folks maybe already knew this figure and what's actually Shuraki is. But well, there's nothing wrong on rambling a little about this again. In STF '08, i found 4 Shuraki figures: Akatsuki, Meifeng, Nida, and Char. There are only one Meifeng and one Char, and the others still got many stocks. So Shuraki's actually a story series.

Each figure came with a drama CD, and inside that drama CD, there's Shuraki's storyline. That's explained why there's the word "volume" in each figure. I don't have Akatsuki (Shuraki vol 1) so i don't know about the story, but oh well... i can only understand Japanese language so little, so story or whatever it is doesn't really matter to me.

Figure parts, booklet, and drama CD here.

This figure has some parts with it. The unique part is her clothes. The clothes are made of some rubbery plastic, so it can stretch into some length. You have to put some force to change her clothes, so you have to be careful when playing or changing the clothes.

I noticed from the booklet and the box that each box characters have a different Voice actor (definitely), different illustrator, and different sculptor. The notable illustrator is Shunya Yamashita who's working as the illustrator for Nida. I like Meifeng illustrator since it has the cutest illustration style. Nida, Rize, and Monica were cutely drawn in the booklet.

Liu Meifeng, a Shuraki from China.

Meifeng is my favorite from the Shurakis. First, i like long hair, second, i like Chinese dress, and third she has a loli face but she got sexy body, what a perfect combination! She also got a custom base which made a more realistic feeling. I bought Shuraki Meifeng not for the series but for the figure, so I'll focus on the figure itself.

Liu Meifeng with battle damaged clothes, sexy.

This is the best feature of Shuraki figure. Not only it's castoffable into the underwear, it also has a clothes change and it's damaged version. Giving the pleasure to enjoy fashion (ripped off fashion) and sexiness simultaneously. Bra and panties service without removing her clothes off.

Liu Meifeng with underwear only, HAWT!

I know that I'm not into a castoffable figure, but you know this is HAWT! It's even better than a normal bikini figure. This is not a bikini, this is underwear! Yeah, that's why it's hot. As i said earlier, Meifeng has a beautiful loli face but she also got a hawt sexy body, with big breast and sexy butt (i said that a lot lately).

Eventhough i said that i don't know Japanese language that much, but i can manage to understand some parts of the story. The story below is just my assumption so is I'm wrong please tell me the truth :P.
Shuraki is a person who receive a mysterious power but cursed at the same time. There are 7 Shuraki across the world which involved in a killing game called En-Bu, they are:
- Akatsuki Mishiro - Shuraki from Japan, a normal yet unfortunate Japanese high school girl. She has to bear the responsibility of becoming Shuraki without knowing anything. She used a katana for battle.
- Mizuchi Towako - another Shuraki from Japan, she's a daughter of priest who knows the truth behind Shuraki En-bu game, but unfortunately she's too naive which is a greate disadvantage in the battle. She used twin steel fans for battle.
- Liu Meifeng - Shuraki from China, left home and came to Japan. Living with Towako and her dad in Mizuchi shrine. She's cheerful but smart. She used twin Chacram for battle.
- Char Rouseman - Shuraki from France. She was born in noble family (not much info on her). She used rapier for battle.
- Nide Scheltlitch - Shuraki from Germany. She's cool (again, not much info). She used sniper for battle.
- Rizfis Luttiva Mente - Shuraki from Italy. She's cheerful but scary, giving her the Yandere aura. She used a halberd for battle.
- Monicadred Olivier - Shuraki from UK. I know she's loli, cold like Yuki, but she's cute with that goth loli appearance. She used great sword for battle.

I think that En-Bu game is a game like Holy Grail war in Fate Stay Night. They have to kill each other in order to win something, that is getting their curse lifted off.

Here's the main story in volume 2:
- Meifeng who's coming from China lived in Mizuchi shrine with Towako. She's training with her to prepare for the fight with the enemy, White Raven (i dunno who's white raven is but i think it's Rize and Nida). Towako's father who knows almost everything about this curse gave Meifeng and Towako some information about Shuraki and En-Bu. They believed that they can overcome the curse without killing each other.
- They met Akatsuki who's somewhat paranoid in the middle of the training. Akatsuki attacked all of the sudden but with some conversation and Towako's tears, she stopped and followed Meifeng and Towako to the shrine. They lived together afterward.
- Meanwhile Rize, Monica, and Nida were in the way to the shrine, and they met someone in the way. That person is somewhat connected with Akatsuki.
- After Rize and Nida arrived, Monica disappeared. Meifeng who's still training with Towako realized their existence around. After some time (i dunno what were they doing), Meifeng's group met with Rize's group.
- On the other hand, Akatsuki who's still inside the shrine also realized the existence, and she rushed out after that. In the end she met with Monica and clashed sword with her. I know that Rize said something about Monica being invincible. So i guess it's Akatsuki's disadvantage.

Once again this is just an assumption. My Japanese language is still below beginner level. So please if i'm wrong, correct me right away. Laugh if you want, but please correct me right away.

My computer desk, complete with the "girls".

So this is my desk right now. It's full around the table, so i have to get something to put the figures. My new figures always go to place that i can easily reach and see. If you notice, i put Mitsuru in the back because she's somewhat old figure for me. The right hand side (near the mouse) is the place for newest figure. I'm not gonna fill the middle space because that would block my LCD view. And i'm not gonna fill the space in front of Teana Lanster because it's place for my cellphones there.

Well, that's it for the STF '08 loots. Just wait for the figure photoshoots. I'm in holiday right now, so i have so much free time to use.


  1. She's my favorite among shurakis, I like her character design and her expression :D

    and her ribbons are really hard to attach -_-

  2. Yeah, the ribbon is really hard to attach. I thought that i haven't put the clothes at the right place when i tried to put her ribbon on.

  3. I just ordered her, but all these complaints about cast off difficulty is making me nervous. Can you possibly share some tips with me please? >_<