06 June 2008

Surabaya Toy Festival 2008 - day 1

It's rare thing for a hobby themed festival to be happening around Indonesia. I heard that there are only 2 annual events held in Indonesia: Jakarta Toy Festival and Surabaya Toy Festival. Both festival held in 2 largest city in Indonesia.

What're they doing there?

Figure events in each country reflect the collectors in the country. In Indonesia, people don't really welcome otaku and Japanese anime lover like me. Well, this doesn't happen only in Indonesia right? I won't call these collectors otaku, since they have their own area of collection.

Oh! It's Surabaya Toy Festival 2008!

This STF '08 (Surabaya Toy Festival 2008) consists of many kind of toys, starting from Japanese PVC figures, Gundam, American toys, automotive model kits, and many more. There are things like Lego building kit or unique board game called Strategos.

Stand that sells cars kit.

This IS Indonesian toys event. Most of this event is dominated by American toys. Indonesian people tends to collect things like Superman, Batman, Ironman, Marvel heroes, etc. Around 40% of products sold in this event are American toys. Collecting car models is also one kind of collection. Around 2 stands sells car models (approximately 5%).

Gundam model kits SALE!

Next up is Gundam model kits. There are many Indonesian people who watch anime, but few of them really called otaku. Almost 80% of Indonesian people who watch anime, watch shonen anime just like Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Gundam. No wonder there are many Gundam model kits sold around this event, approximately around 25%.

Gundam Yen price X 95 = free shipment.

In the photo above, if you noticed, below my signature there's a sign mentioning "Yen X 95". Do you know what's that mean? You know that on Gundam boxes, you can see the Yen price beside its serial number. Multiply that Yen price with IDR 95 and that's your sale price. Note that a JPY price multiplied by IDR 95 equals a buying Gundam model kit without paying the shipment rate.

Nice figures sold.

And next up, things that i love the most is Japanese PVC figures. I have to mention that completely in order not to be confused with American figures. Almost at the same rate as Gundam, it's around 20% of this event products sold.

Shonen anime products, always try to evade it.

They sold things vary from Shonen old anime like Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy figures, and even Haruhi figures. As i mentioned above, most of Indonesian anime watcher only like Shonen s***s like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece (too many narutard). You'll find a lot of those anime products in this event.

Shonen anime trading figures.

Using trading figures as display is a great thing, since opening PVC figures from the box is bad mistake. Look carefully and you'll know that the trading figures they display are Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, and Shonen series like that. Once again, Shonen anime has great influence in Indonesia.

Secret treasures.

That's the bad thing for me, but inside this event there's always a treasure can be found inside. I found some interesting things like Metamo Yuki, Queen Blade Airi, Nendoroid Tsuruya, figma Haruhi, Nendoroid Haruhi, Nendoroid Mabinogi Nao, Saber maid, etc. In photo above, you'll see a very great treasure like Shuraki vol. 1, Rider maid, and Kotobukiya's Kureha. I went to this event just to find secret treasures.

Some figure diorama display.

Sometimes diorama is important in displaying figures. You know, i like to try making diorama for my figures, especially for my photoshot. But it's hard to made, i guess. Anyone can give me tips and trick to make a diorama for figures?

Shuraki Char Rousemann (correct me if i'm wrong).

This is the best treasure i found in this event, Shuraki Char Rousemann figure. Too bad, because of its rarity, the store sold this figure overprice. From the real price JPY 6800 to a whacking JPY 9000. That's a total rip off, but in the end someone bought it. Now that's a real otaku (or collectors?).

Nendoroid Al Azif.

Another secret treasure i found is Nendoroid Al Azif (Demonbane). Cute as always, a Nendoroid like this can steal people hearts, even for non-otaku people. The real price is JPY 3500 and they sold it around JPY 3750, but with a little bargaining you can get this exactly at JPY 3500.

Gundam Exia and GN ARMS Type. (correct me if i'm wrong)

I'm not collecting Gundam model kits, but i guess i'll show you this. A HG kit for Gundam EXIA in whatever mode and whatever mounted weapon (just like METEOR unit i guess). Looks cool, but my brother said no for this.

Hyper mode G Gundam and Master Gundam.

Are these what you call secret treasure? Two classic Gundam model kits. Hyper Mode God Gundam and Hyper Mode Master Gundam. Both of them are covered in gold. But once again, my brother said no to these things. He has his own choice i guess.

Let's go for in-depth coverage:

Ironman figure.

I watched Ironman movie last month, and i know Ironman is cool. The figure is also cool, with cool whacking USD 650 price. I guess this things for a real collectors. I can use that money for other things XD.

A little closer look at Ironman.

I wonder if this Ironman will sold out in this event. Looking at the price, no one will buy him except a real crazy collector. Cool enough to show off, i guess.

Silver Surfer.

The silver surfer from movie Fantastic Four : The Rise of Silver Surfer. I didn't watch that movie since i don't really like Fantastic Four. Movies like that are only place to show off great CG graphics. But silver surfer does look really cool.

Fraulein Revoltech Tohsaka Rin.

Oh a Fraulein Revoltech Tohsaka Rin. After seeing this, now i know how they work. Many people comparing this series with figma. Of course, figma win the match, from the quality of the movement, number of alternate parts, overall quality, and not to forget the characters. Almost all popular characters are made to figma figures.

Saber cleaning up the toilet.

Saber maid (but not from GSC) in a diorama. She's having though time clening up toilets. This diorama does look cool. The lighting itself gives Saber a totally different look compared to normal look. With that look and maid outfit, it made a weird but great combination.

Gundams in diorama.

This event also held a Gundam diorama competition. Some contestants already put their diorama in the event, so i can see some of it. Sorry for the blurry photos, i kind of in hurry this time. So far as i lived, i haven't seen a diorama that has a story in it.

nu Gundam (?).

This is another painted (?) Gundam model kit. As far as i remember, this Gundam is nu Gundam. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I'm not into Gundam series, but i love seeing cool Gundams. It's a kit for contest, looks like painted kit to me.

Bugati car model.

Next up is car models. Before i started my otaku life, i like seeing cool cars. Watching movies like Fast n Furious series made me want to try those cool cars, eventhough it's just a dream. But fortunately, i can forget that dream and change my direction into Japanese figure collecting.

Audi R8, an exotic cars.

Exotic cars like this only exist in special place. I heard that if someone wants to buy a Ferrari Enzo, that person has to fulfill some requirements like: bought at least one Ferrari car, got an invitation and offers from Ferrari, and some others requirements. So if you can't get the real cars, then get the models! I do play some car racing games, so i know what's great and what's not.

Ball-Jointed doll.

I don't know what's this. You can call this doll, or figure, or whatever you want. Big scale (1/3), cute, and it's called ball-jointed doll. I guess it's just like a figma, you can move the body parts, with joints shaped like ball.

Lego kits.

Ever see these things? Lego building kits. Normally it's for kids under 14. But the completely built things are beautiful and nice to see. The car on the front is Speed Racer cars, old anime that has been remade into a nice movie.

Great Saiyaman cosplayer and the MCs.

For today, no special cosplay events, just MCs talking each others and promoting this events and the rundown. They were wearing some Japanese clothing, accompanied by Great Saiyaman (hey, i still remember the name, it's actually Son Gohan).

Well, that's it for today coverage. This event goes in 3 days starting from June 6th, 2008. So there will be more coverage tomorrow. I hope i can forget my Computer Graphics and cover more of this events :P. Oh yeah, not to forget, the loots from this event :

The loots (Kureha's mine, the others' not mine).

I bought Kotobukiya's Kureha with JPY 5500 bargain price. Normal price is JPY 5800, they sold at JPY 5750, and i did a little bargain and i got it with JPY 5500. Nendoroid Al Azif isn't mine, it's my girl's loot. She got it with normal price: JPY 3500. At first the store sold at JPY 3750, but with a little bargaining, we got it at JPY 3500. And the last is my brother's loot: Strike Noir with bargain price. Normal price for Strike Noir is JPY 4500, but with event discount and connection discount, he got it with JPY 4050.


  1. dang what a pity! was planning to go down to surabaya very soon to visit someone... didn't know such events existed. would have been nice to be there. nice coverage though - i'm envious :)

  2. Thanks man.

    This event goes for 3 days, from 6th to 8th June. Still 1 and a half day to go. Try using this chance.

  3. still got char on sale?! I had been looking for her for ages! ><

  4. Yeah, but :
    1. The price is almost USD 100. I don't know if this price i still a reasonable price considering its rarity (?).
    2. Sold out at the end of the 1st day.

  5. Thanks dude! I appreciate it :D.