18 June 2008

When figma meets figma ...

SD Strike Noir Gundam.

I said figma meets figma but what's an SD Gundam doing here? Yesterday i decided to spent some of my spare time doing random shot in new location, my living room. To make a perfect photos, usually i used my mini studio setup. But this time i tried to do something new. I used a living room glass table and i put it between the open door. I tried this to get some bright sunlight.

Another SD Strike Noir action.

The result is these photos. I used the living room (family room) as the background. I don't have to use tripod anymore, but the shutter speed is still low so i have to grab my camera tightly to prevent blur because of shake. This is why an IS (Image Stabilizer) Canon Lens and VR (Vibration Reduction) Nikon lens are expensive. It can prevent blurry image because of slow shutter speed.

Anyway, my brother asked me to do a photoshoot for his collection, SD Strike Noir. So i did this before i did figma photoshoot. SD Gundam has small flexibility and posability, so no more cool action photos for SD Strike Noir.

Strike Noir : Hey! That's my weapon, give it back to me!
Haruhi : Shut up or i'll kill you! I'm trying to kick some a** here!

Hey hey, this is it, my heroine appeared. Haruhi came holding 2 rifles which are SD Strike Noir weapons. Max Factory didn't made a pair of holding hands for nothing. You have to find your own parts so you can fill her holding hands with something interesting. These rifles fit in her hands, too bad she can't hold Strike Noir's swords.

Nanoha : Stop that!
Haruhi : Hei you're cuter than Mikuru, i wanna play with you!
Strike Noir : ...

When figma meets figma... they battled each others. Nanoha came to the rescue, she's the real heroine. No... i guess there's no heroine in this story, just playing random. Now i know that figma is more fun to play than nendoroid. Just like Gundam, joints, alternate parts, and posability are things that make figma fun to play with.

Nanoha : Aahh...!
Haruhi : Don't worry, i'll be gentle.
Strike Noir : What the hell!?

This is what i called FUN! You can make them do an ero scene :P. When Haruhi said "play with you" she means it. Oh no Haruhi, what are you doing with her!? Don't do that of Fate will kill you!. Haruhi attacked Nanoha fiercely, and then she played with her. There is no photos between these 2 photos above, so figure it out how Haruhi made Nanoha fell by yourself.

Nanoha : You... just want to play with me right?
Haruhi : Yea yea, i'll make you feel good.

Oh well, i guess Nanoha gonna enjoy this game. I like yuri, and i myself really enjoyed this photo session. So when figma meets figma, there will be yuri around XD. Come on Haruhi, i know you're good at yuri, make Nanoha feels good.

Haruhi : Nanoha-chan, you're really aggresive, i love it!
Nanoha : Ah yes... this is great!
Strike Noir : I'm seeing unwanted thing....

Nanoha thought that while Fate isn't around she can do whatever she wants, especially a love affair with Haruhi. So i guess Nanoha really enjoyed playing with Haruhi. Don't worry Nanoha, Fate isn't here yet, you'll free to have love affair with Haruhi until July or even August.

Nanoha : Ah.. al.. al.. almost there Haruhi...
Haruhi : Yes.. i... i... i love you Nanoha-chan...
Nanoha : I.. i.. i.. love you too...

Damn this is really hot, i can't even stand the heat. Nanoha really loves to do this thing with Haruhi. If Fate come, then this game will be over... or maybe this game will get even hotter then ever XD. Come on Fate, we'll be waiting for you.

Well, that's it for yesterday random shot. This is holiday so i guess i'll do some more random shot like this :P.


  1. In so many ways, that looks soooo wrong...
    I do want the Nanoha figma though...
    Been looking around and unable to find her...
    Nice idea though!!!

  2. Haha, yeah i know that's so wrong.

    HLJ still have figma Nanoha in stock, why don't you try searching there.

  3. haha, ecchi nanoha x haruhi ftw :D

  4. I'm glad someone liked it XD

  5. haha, a love battle. I like that. xD

  6. The love battle will continue when figma Fate arrived. Just look forward to it.