25 June 2008

ISML - Sapphire breaking news

Don't cry Kyou... don't cry, you still have a chance.

When i thought i was late of posting news about Sapphire winner, a little something happened. According to the news, Sapphire 8 match was hacked and today they decided to do a rematch for Sapphire 8.

ISML will add an additional form in Emerald 3 match for this Sapphire 8 rematch. There can be different winner this time, and i know Haruhi have a big chance to surpass Kyou, i really hope she wins the necklace.

Link :


  1. I have to vote again...
    Okay...going to pick my fav character now...

  2. Konata also has a bigger chance to win this time. Make sure you vote and also get your friend to vote.