25 December 2009

Christmas Special part 3 ~ 2009


Christmas Special part 3, last part.

Hi and welcome back! It’s the third part and the last part of Christmas Special 2009 from sonicver2. Before we start, i have to inform you that this part doesn’t have 4koma. Too bad i have a limited time for the photo session, so yeah… other than 2 4komas, these photos are all i have left. So here it is, Christmas with the nendoroids!


Nendoroid’s Christmas!

I did this photo session yesterday, the noon before Christmas eve. Made the snow from PA’s foam. Those foams came with your PA package, so i took those foams out, make it into small pieces, and use it as the snow. Pretty nice result, except i didn’t have a better preparation for the photo session.


So who’s the cutest? I still like Kureha the most.

So how’s your Christmas? As i wrote this article, Christmas day is starting to reach its end (it’s almost 10PM), so yeah i can safely say that Christmas day almost over. In the Christmas eve, i went to church at 6PM, over at 8, and went to cafe with my family just to hang out for a while, got back at home at 11PM. Today, i woke up at 9AM, go to church (again) at 10AM, and over at 12AM. After that, i went to my girls place and go on dating until 9PM. And after got back at home, i started to write this.


Haruhi stuck on the tree.

I myself think that my Christmas is pretty normal, so how’s yours? I saw Adun was enjoying his Christmas with his Erika, pretty nice! While Anony was enjoying his Christmas with Kagami. Or Optic’s Christmas with his Botan? Or even providing us with Santa girls like phossil did? It seems everyone had their own partner to enjoy Christmas :D. Well no matter, i guess we would do anything to make ourselves enjoy this day.


Shamisen is also stuck on the tree.

No matter what are you doing, this day is always be one of the great day every year. So here i am again want to say: Merry Christmas!!

Anyway, the next 4 photos are done by my girl. She said these 4 photos are the continuation of my 4koma ch. 2. Enjoy!


Mikuru and Ryouko are posing in front of the Christmas tree.


They saw Riannon stuck on the tree.


I don’t know what happens here. XP


And all of the sudden Riannon and Shamisen fell down on the ground with Mikuru and Ryouko watching them.

Well that’s it for this Christmas Special! Thanks fo tuning in! Expect for another normal otaku life post. See you!~


  1. Woah~ very nice! I rike!
    Merry Christmas to you! ;)

  2. Adorable photos! ^^ Merry Xmas!

  3. @all:
    Thank you!! Merry Christmas too!

  4. Poor Riannon... ^^
    Hope ypu had a nice Christmas too!

  5. @phossil
    Yeah, poor, but still cute XD.