25 December 2009

Christmas Special part 2 ~ 2009

Hanekawa Tsubasa bringing you a delicious and HAWT Christmas greetings. XD

December 25th, the Christmas day itself, and here i am, back and bringing you the 2nd part of Christmas special. Did you enjoy your Christmas eve? Do you still continue enjoying it today, in the Christmas day itself? Well, no matters! As i am here bringing you the 2nd chapter of the Chrismas special 4koma, featuring: Yuki, Riannon, and Louise. Enjoy!

Christmas Special 4koma ch. 2: Magic for Candies.

Again, don't forget to check out the full size of the 4koma for clearer view. Poor Riannon, she's stuck on the tree because Yuki's magic screwed up XD, but at least Louise got her candy she wanted. So yeah... that's it for part 2. And once again: Merry Christmas!

So that's it... see you at the next post!

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