05 January 2008

Just started my blog today

Yeah, this is the first time i blogged. I planned to make this blog as my place to put some photography, especially figure photography.

The reason why i put my figure photos here, is because if you upload your figure photos / works in photographers community such as AyoFoto! , Fotografer.net , or any other photographer communities, you won't get much comments and appreciations, since the photographers there will only love modelling photos.

But that's not the whole reason why i started this blog. So look forward to my next post.

BTW, i'll post some of my old figure photos Monday.


  1. welcome to blogging :D

    is iSTTS the same with STTS? if so then you are my kouhai and I'm your senpai :p

    btw, don't set commenting to "not allow anonymous comments", not everyone has blogger account..

  2. that's fast haha

    I added you to my blogroll, need more indo blogger to compete with those sg bloggers haha

  3. Yes, actually STTS will change its name to iSTTS in the next July.
    But what's the connection between kouhai-senpai and studied in STTS?

  4. well, that's because I studied in STTS also, class of 98