30 January 2008

Completing a Game

Completing a game isn't just beating a game and that's it.

What i mean completing a game is, 100% completion of a game. And here i'm talking mostly about RPG, since RPG has so many things to do including secrets.

Last Monday night, i managed to beat Atelier Iris 3 : Grand Phantasm and i realized that completing a game 100% it's really hard thing to do.

This is the normal task you have to complete for 100% completion game for RPG:
- Beating secret bosses
- Completing subquests
- Collecting secret items

Atelier Iris 3 itself is quest oriented RPG, so subquests have to be listed in quest list. But in the other RPGs you have to find your own way to the subquest.
And i have to abandon subquests in AI3 and strive through last dungeon to beat the game because the latest subquests i got are beating a couple of annoying secret bosses. Starting from poisonous mushroom, dragon with devastating power, magical pot that can summon unlimited bodyguard, etc.

Hey, i managed to beat 100% completion for Kingdom Hearts 2, with level 99 at end game. And all i got is very short secret ending, which people believe as a sneak peak to Kingdom Hearts 3.

Not only subquests. Item collection is essential in 100% completion. In Kingdom Hearts 2, you have to collect certain number of items, especially material items which you can get randomly from enemies.

Aside from RPG, another genres such as: racing, action, fighting, etc are as hard as RPG to get 100% completion. You have to complete every mission, every stage, every race, getting every characters, or whatever you can achieve. Even worse, you have to get max rank in a mission if the game have ranking system.

It's easy to beat a game, but it's hard to reach 100% completion. How many games you've completed with 100% completion?

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