05 February 2008

Deathscythe Hell Custom HG

Gundam Deatschythe Hell Custom, one of my favorite Mobile Suit. I'm not really a Gundam anime fans, i never even watch one! But what with this Gundam Model Kit?

This Deathscythe is my younger brother's collection. He collected fighter jet aircraft model kit just like F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-15 Eagle, SR-71 Blackbird, etc. The reason he collected them all is he likes assembling model kits. And now he's not only assembling aircraft model kit, he's interested in assembling Gundam.

Since i'm not really in Gundam things, my job is only to photograph his collection. And this Deathscythe is the first Gundam in his collection. More to come, so look forward to it!

I got my first photo without reflector. I got this photo with reflector. With the same exposure setting, you can see the difference in shadow side.

"Bring it on!" (idea from my brother)

More battle stance. Without wings attached.

Deathscythe with bow and arrow.
I got the bow from Kureha, and sword as an arrow from Mitsuru Kirijou.

I adapted this cheap lighting LQ photo tricks from various blog posts:
HappySoda · Figure on Cheap Lighting
mukyaa~ · Darker than Black Background
otadesho.com - Tutorial: How to Make Low Cost True White Background

Dark background is easier since i don't have so many bright desk lamps to create pure white background. That's why i used black BG.

Camera info:
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF 17-40 F4L
BTW, my friend lent me this GREAT L LENS for 2 days. Try searching in wiki if you don't know about Canon L lens.


  1. wow... gundam used to be one of my favorites anime.. hehehe...
    and D-Hell is absolutely a cool gundam.. hehe...
    But, my favorite gundam robot is the Wing Zero Custom, do u have it too??

  2. As i said before, this is not mine. Haha.

    My brother only has this one. And after this Chinese new year, he planned on buying PG Striker Freedom Gundam Lightning Edition.

    I heard from my brother that he checked 1 store, andhe found out a perfect grade Wing Zero Custom cost you a heck 3 million rupiah. That's cost a lot, hahaha.

  3. hahahaha...
    tell your bro, i've seen the PG of wing zero custom that only cost 1.5 up to 1.8 million rupiahs only...