17 February 2008

Cloudy Day = Bad for figure photo session

I tried to do outdoor photograph this time, with Strike Freedom Lightning Edition as the object. This Gundam is HUGE! I mean it's a Non-Grade 1/60 scale Gundam, so that's why it's huge. With its Dragoon (wings) wide open, it could reach 60 cm wide and 50cm high.

Let me tell you about this Gundam first.

Strike Freedom Gundam Lightning Edition
Non-grade 1/60 scale
The price is JPY 9500. I'm suggesting at my brother to buy a Master Grade Gundam, but he's insisting to buy this. So this is it, the body part itself is just like larger version of HG Gundam. But the harder part is the cable and light in the body. I don't really know about the detail, but i know my brother finished assembling this thing in 5 days straight (he's not in holiday).

The photo session itself is a total waste i think. I did my figure photo session before in my home (i live with my grandma). I did this Gundam photoshoot in my real home (mom and dad's home, but still in the same city). It's a 3 stories house, and i did this shot on the rooftop.

Background does matter, i guess. I'm trying to create photos like some other blogs did, but i guess the background i have doesn't fit at all. Plus cloudy day made the photo even worse. Getting blue and clear sky is crucial to get good photo.

But that's not the worst part. As the Dragoons are wide open, it vulnerable to wind, and.... You guess it, it fell to roof behind it (look at the photo).
"HOLY $%^& !!!"
Gladly, we looked behind the wall, and it only fell off 30 cm. And he told me to stop right away. That's why i decided to do a indoor photo session for next week. With this huge object, i can't really think the paper will fit as the background, that's why i decided to do outdoor photoshoot at the first place.

I already ordered Haruhi Metamo Sp Color ver 1.5, Shana Candy Bikini, and Nendoroid Haruhi-Yuki-Mikuru. Hopefully all of them will arrive before Sunday. That way i can photograph all of them, so look forward to it!

Camera info:
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm

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  1. wao I really like this action figure really interesting me like that hehehe ^^