21 February 2008

Max Factory's Figma figures

After seeing Danny Choo's news item about Figma Haruhi, i've been thinking about Figma figures.

These figures actualy are not fixed pose figures type. They have alternate body part and mechanical joint which enable you to change their pose. And they also have smaller size compared to 1/8 scale PVC fixed pose figures.

Figma Konata is one of 6 figma figures. Too bad it's exclusive to Wonder Festival 2008 Winter. This figma Konata is one of the reason why i want to visit Japan.

Figma Nagato Yuki, is the second figma figures that has been released. If you want to get this figma Yuki you can check it out in HLJ, it's still in stock. The first figma figure that has been released is figma Haruhi PS2 RPG version. That figure come with Suzumiya Haruhi no Tomadoi PS2 game. Haruhi, Saber, Konata, and Lelouch are the next figma which will be released.

I guess this figure is great for creative people. Especially if you have more than 1 figma figure. You can create a funny pose, photograph them, and create a joke with it.

For me as a photographer, of course it's more fun to do photograph with it since it's pose changable, just like Gundam. But too bad the size is small and you can clearly see the mechanical joint which made it not really a good eyecandy.

So, do you want to add these figma into your collection, or stick with the fixed pose figures?


  1. the only figma I am looking forward to (and pre-ordered) is the Saber armor version :D

    the Haruhi one I don't really like due to the knees

    btw, let's exchange links ok? mine at http://otaku.prim3.org :)

  2. Yeah, that's the bad news from figma. Now i understand why figma Saber is better. Saber's mechanical joint covered with her armor.

    Added your link, Thanks!

  3. but figma chars are much more moe than revoltech fraulein family..

    umm, do you know any any toys-shop here (in indonesia) sell these figmas?

    its too bad i cant buy it from HLJ,
    don't have no CC.. :(

  4. laruto, if you happen to live in Surabaya then you can meet me, i can help you with your shopping problem. E-mail me if you want at sonic_ver2@yahoo.com.

    But if you're not in Surabaya, then you can try to find one of the figure store around your place. Ask the boss, "Can you help me order (insert wanted figure here)?".

    Note that there are only 3 figma figures that has been released. Haruhi RPG PS2 version (Banpresto), figma Konata (WonFest exclusive, it's too rare, impossible to get), and figma Nagato (last checked in HLJ, it's in backorder status).

    So if you're going to get Haruhi or Saber, you should wait / preorder it right away. If your local figure store accept preorder, then you're lucky.

    Lastly, if local figure store is still imposible, then ask your dad (or your family who have credit card) to register in HLJ and buy it for you.