05 February 2008

Ignis The White 1/6 - Orchid Seed

Three objects to photograph in one LQ photo session. Deathscythe, Kureha, and this is it : Ignis The White

This figure cost me a lot. It's JPY 11700! Wow, this is the most expensive figure i ever had. Unlike the other Ignis, this one have different costume. Ignis with a white wedding dress, i like it.

Her dress is just unique in its own way. Belt, long sleeve, and flowers. All the detail is greatly done.

Unfortunately, i only done 3 photos of her. I used room light as the hair lamp at the first photo, but for photos below, i didn't use room light. So as you can see, theres too much shadow on the left side.

Shadow on the left side, but it's cool.

Half body shot.

Apparently i found 2 picture of this Ignis wearing this wedding dress. I dont know if the picture is based on this figure, OR the figure is based on the picture.
This is the wedding dress she wear in the figure.

This picture has the same pose with the figure.

Camera info :
Canon 400D
Canon EF 17-40 F4L
LQ photo shot. I don't know if the black background suit her white wedding dress well. But it's cool in a way IMHO.


  1. need more pictures with different angles :)

    first picture is better, second and third picture shadow is too strong.

  2. I can't really shot from other angle, because i'm using a tripod, and i don't have enough space.

    Actually i don't have enough lamp. I have a modified desk lamp, so the bulb i'm using is only one 23watts white bulb.

    If you take a look at the EXIF data, i'm using F16 with 4" shutter speed. That's why tripod is a must.

  3. I also use tripod for all my photos.. you can always move the tripod hehe :)

    btw, happy chinese new year!