07 February 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi fa cai, xin nian kuai le.

As usual, this time of a year, it's a tradition for me and my family to celebrate it.

Gathering with family, visiting family members. Or some family have the tradition to gather in the eldest family member who still alive.

As i'm still a kid, haven't got married and got any children yet, so i have the right to receive ang pao (red envelope filled with $$$). :)

Anyway, we entered the year of rat. The myth said that year of rat is year 1 of 12 year chinese zodiac cycle.

If you're into divination, some people will say things like "the year of rat, there will be so many (whatever it is) luck". Nah... I don't really believe it. Chinese zodiac sign is a tool for old Chinese people to count their years, that's all. It's not for divination or fortune telling.

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