09 January 2008

Nanyateee!!! Yakitate Ja-Pan!

"Nanyateee!!??" or "What was that!!??"

That line is the most line Kyosuke Kawachi -character from Yakitate Japan- ever said.

Don't know Yakitate Japan? It's old anime, but i just watch it recently in Animax Southeast Asia channel. Too bad it's dubbed English, so i can't hear the Japanese VA for people who reacted too much from eating the characters' breads.

"Most civilized nation has its own bread, but sadly not Japan. This is the touching story about the young Kazuma Azuma, who is trying to create Ja-Pan." - i forgot the next line.

Kazuma is a young man and he's trying to create Ja-Pan. What's a Ja-Pan anyway? Ja-Pan is his breads' name. Because he want to create a "national bread" just like other nations have. He named all his creation Japan followed by numbers.

In this anime you can find people goes to heaven with just a bread. Ridiculous isn't it? I guess this anime is total joke, but it's good to get some knowledge about bread around the world.

I've been watching this anime up to 28 episodes. In episode 25 or 26 (i forgot) there's a recipe to make Ja-Pan no. 2. I wonder if anyone has ever make it in real life.

Kid : I don't think i can make it.
Kazuma : Don't worry, even Yakitate JaPan dubber can make it.
Tsukino : Is the people who dubbed this show really bad at cooking or making bread?
Matsushiro : Yeah, that's embarassing.

Kazuma said it was easy, but i wonder did anyone ever succeded in making Japan no. 2?

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  1. hahaha... i love this anime so much too.. it reminds me of an old anime, master cooking boy... hehehe..

    but, surely it's an old anime?? i thought it was a brand new anime...