05 October 2008

Chua Churam - Alter

Chua Churam - Alter.

Ahh... holiday... Because of this week of national holiday, i managed to get 2 photo sessions, one for Nanoha, and the other one for Chua Churam. This holiday only last for a week, so i don't think i can do anymore photo session, that means photo session for Blanc Neige and figma dance will be postponed for a while longer.

Chua Churam - the idol vampire.

Chua Churam, one of my favorite figure, or probably my MOST favorite figure (for now), made by Alter, released in August 2008, got it from HLJ. I dare to say that this figure is filled with greatness, eventhough it IS somewhat smaller than your usual 1/8 scale figure and not to mention expensive. Despite all that fact, this figure is a great figure, and you won't regret it if you got one.

Don't think... feel... er... i mean, buy!

People tends to collect figure of their favorite characters or characters of animes they've watched, including me. I myself still tend to collect things that way. But this figure, is capable to make your figure otaku blood boiling, and make you order her eventhough you didn't know who is she or which anime or game she came from. I like her dress, and that's one of the reason why i pre-ordered her without knowing who she is. My decision turned out to be the right decision to take.

Chua Churam is a cute vampire, look at her vampire fang.

Anyway, let's get down to the business. Chua Churam really has a cute face, no wonder she's an idol, eventhough she's a vampire. Look carefully at her teeth and you'll see a small vampire fang. Whatever she is, she's still damn cute! Not to mention, energetic. And Alter succeeded to show all her energetic self in this figure's face. The face is well sculpted, also with details such as her mouth and fang, blush on her cheeks , and her eyes.

Heterochromia is abnormal for human, but oh well... she IS a vampire.

I think she has that Heterochromia thing... It's a biological term for a person who has different eyes color between left and right eyes. I don't know what's her relation with Chu Chu Astram, but she also has that Heterochromia eyes. Anyway, once again, good job Alter! They really made her eyes well. It's rare to see a beautifully made eyes like that in figures.

Twintail hair, moe!!

Twintailed hair! One of my favorite moe factor. This is also another reason why i bought her in the first place. Her hairstyle is somewhat unique. She has the kind of hairstyle that Tohsaka Rin (Fate) has, with that blue-purple ribbon for the accessory. If you notice, her ahoge (antenna) also has a funny shape.

Cross on her cool hairpin, she's immune to cross unlike old vampires.

Her hairpin is also somewhat cool. It's kinda rare to see transparent material for figure parts nowadays. And here, we see one in Chua Churam's hairpin. Notice that on her hairpin, there is a cross on it. Vampire hunters will have a harder job nowadays, because unlike classic vampires, modern days vampires don't have any weakness to cross, and this hairpin proved it.

Her left arm and her "fur" armband.

I didn't know for sure what's those things on her upper arms at the first look. After doing some research on Chua Churam, i just knew that those things are fur armbands. It's her concert costume accessories. I think those things are weird, and i don't think they're necessary. If they're not there, there won't be any effect on it. Anyway, good job for Alter to make her skin looks so smooth and soft, just look at her arm in the photo above and you'll know what i mean.

Her right hand with the red guitar pick.

Another accessory of her concert costume is her glove, her white glove. Nothing really special about her gloves. But this is where the small details can go wrong. There's a red guitar pick, and because it's too small, the paint on her glove kinda blend with the paint on her guitar pick. It maybe small that almost no one will notice that, but such small mistake can't escape from a camera that can capture high resolution and details (DSLR).

That's why before getting photo using DSLR, make sure you carefully and patiently clean your figure first. Because DSLR can capture unwanted things like small dust which our naked eyes can't see.

Smooth and soft legs, "kinda" delicious.

You know, figure with interesting costume maybe nice, but you'll miss seeing her smooth and soft body skin. But in this figure, Chua Churam lets you get the feel of her smooth skin through her legs. Yeah... this is where you can enjoy smooth and soft skin of her legs and thighs.

Why not elegant highheel?

Dress like that usually comes with highheel shoes like Cinderella glass shoes or wedding shoes to give an elegant feeling. But Chua Churam doesn't wears that kind of shoes. She wears strap sandals with highheel for her concert. Not really my favorite, but hey... it's still cool, you know.

Chua Churam's guitar = uniqueness.

Yet another uniqueness Chua Churam has, her guitar. She has a guitar with a devil wing and a "flat bat face" on it. Yeah, a special idol must has her special equipment, including this guitar. Yeah, this guitar is one of a kind, too bad there's no string on it. Anyway this guitar and its belt are permanent parts. You can't remove the guitar from her, unlike Toranoana Haruhi's guitar.

Metal coating on some guitar parts, looks cool.

Alter's pretty good at making detail. Every detail in this guitar is very well made. Eventhough it's made from PVC, the painting itself it's enough to make her guitar microphone and the string base look like they're made from metal. I think this is what's called a metal coating, just like in some Gundam kit, metal coating for MG V-Gundam and pearl coating for PG Wing Gundam Zero Custom.

Her energetic and sexy pose.

Her pose is just so energetic and sexy. She's a natural idol! Can she fly? Well whatever it is, she does look sexy in that pose. I like her pose, and i think this is one of the best trait that this figure has. Eventhough she has that kind ruffly dress and all, she still can do this energetic pose, really amazing.

Pink pantie showing because of her pose.

The photo above explains why i like her pose. Just like Nanoha figure, her pose also clearly shows her pantie. She has a pink pantie, kinda dark in the photo, but you still can see it clearly. And you can also see her thighs clearly, giving you feeling of smooth and soft skin.

Her dress, with the skirt as the main part.

The last thing to observe is her dress, which is also, the POI of this figure. Why her dress for POI? Because her dress is just so amazing IMO. Remember the main reason why i bought this figure is because of her dress. There are so many detail attached on her dress. She has that long and A-line style skirt, long on the back and short on the front. It's also can be categorized as goth loli dress.

Big breast, hmm... delicious!

The first part is her chest. At first i did think that the cross shape on her chest is merely painted. But guess what? I was wrong. That cross shape is actually sculpted. It's amazing that Alter can do such a great job. And dude, she also has a big breast, looks delicious i say.

A very small red ribbon.

I won't miss such small detail like this small red ribbon. It's really small but actually it isn't that easy to miss, because it has a contrast red color over a white and pink dress. Looking cute, but i think it's too small. I kinda expected that it was a flower or something else.

The white devil wings.

I don't know where's the wings come from, but i know that these wings are parts of the dress. Pretty cute i guess. These wings are also symbol for Chua Churam, so everyone know that she's a cute idol vampire.

Long white back ribbon.

And one of the best part on her dress is her long back ribbon. Long A-line skirt like this should be equipped with ribbon, and yeah.... this ribbon really looks good on her dress. The ribbon, dress, and her hair are actually made with flexible plastic material, just like Liu Meifeng's hair and clothes. But i don't think flexibility is needed in static pose figure, no plus point here...

Well... that's it for now, and i think that's it for this holiday. School's and mid-term exam is waiting for me in Wednesday, so i have to prepare myself for it in the last 2 days. Anyway, you can also find more photos and review for this figure in WCloudx (kumo)'s Chua Churam review. And i also made another small review in Tsuki-Board. Make sure you check it!


  1. she is nice, very well made and complicated figurine too :)

    a lil bit regretted that I canceled my preorder for her..

    would be better tho if she is castoff-able :D

  2. @ron~
    I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to remove her clothes off if she was castoff-able.

  3. I love this figure too!!!
    For me, if it looks good and real and by a complany I know. I buy!!!!!
    I go out on impluse buys in conventions and sometimes when I go buy anime stuff!!!

  4. @Rin
    Impulse buying could be dangerous, but sometime it's fun XD.

  5. I'm not a figure otaku yet. My wallet is already suffering so I won't make the jump. ^^
    Very detailed. Love her dress.
    I reckon one of the best Alter figures out there.

  6. @Optic
    Yeah, i agree with you. This is one of the best Alter's masterpiece.