30 September 2008

Nanoha Instructor Uniform - GSC

Nanoha in her instructor uniform.

I already planned to have this figure photographed for awhile ago, but because of a little incident and some packs of school assignments, i had to postpone this photo session until now. I think the only chance for photo session i had is in a holiday. That's why it's rare to find any photoshoot posts in the middle of working days.

Made by GSC, great quality as always.

Okay, let's get down to the review. At first, i didn't find this figure very interesting, but after seeing some factors, i decided to get her by ordering this figure in my local store. Anyway, this figure is made by Good Smile Company. Everyone knows GSC always brings us quality, and this figure is one of the proof that GSC does.

She's the cheerful and innocent (white devil) Nanoha.

Let's start with her face. There's no flaw in her face at ALL. Her skin is looking very smooth and soft. Her eyes really isn't just usual figure eyes, they really lit up and has the "alive" feeling in them. Furthermore, her smile will struck your heart even more. Her expression really shows the real cheerful and innocent Nanoha.

Her hair is just, interesting!

Her hair is well, nothing's wrong on it. Even GSC made this part goes down to a detail like her hairpin (the green rubber, forgive me for my vocabulary :P). Her signature front bang is still there. Loli Nanoha wears a twintailed hair, and adult Nanoha wears a side ponytail. I think her hairdo is one of a kind.

She got her breast size a little reduced.

Going down to her chest, which has so-so size. I kinda disappointed with her breast size. Nanoha and Fate has the biggest breast in Nanoha series, but this figure doesn't show any sign of it. Even Elwing's breast is bigger than Nanoha's. But hey, smaller breast doesn't mean smaller enjoyment.

Details maybe small, but they're still parts of the arts.

Diving down into details, i see her necktie is really well sculpted and painted here. Small things like collars, tie, buttons, and things like that are maybe small details, but they play big parts in figure arts. And just as the photo implies, GSC did a very good job in details.

Another details in her arms, like sleeve collar and that silver thing.

Continuing my rants about detail, this photo also proves that GSC did a very good job in making this figure. Another thing that i usually mention in my review is "things that i never realized in the anime", and that thing is silver thing in her shoulder. Just focusing to the storyline and never goes into detail is people's habit in watching anime, that's why figures like this help us understand how hard character designer's works are.

Painted fingernails.

This is the first time i had a figure with painted fingernails. All of my figures except this Nanoha doesn't have their fingernails painted, so i guess this thing is news to me. I've seen once in review of Tamaki Kousaka maid version (Kotobukiya), and now i know what it feels like to have a figure with painted fingernails, it's not something big but it's really amazing.

Another view of painted fingernail.

Her right hand's fingernails are also painted. That's a normal thing, because it would be weird if only her left hand has painted fingernails. But this photo shows more than that. You can also see detail on her base. I think this is the best and the most creative base I've ever met. Too bad, i won't get down to the details on her base.

Her belt, not much to say about this...

If you're learning computer graphics, especially about OpenGL, then you'll notice something about the belts. What's the connection? It's about textures in OpenGL. Using textures on an flat object gives a realistic feeling on that object, and apparently GSC also applied this technique on the belt, using black and white paint on it.

Her left shoe.

Another interesting thing not to be missed is her shoes. Once again, I'll keep talking about details and details. Her shoestring is very well sculpted here. There's no flaw about this, i can guarantee that. This shoe is actually has a hole in the back, to connect with the peg on the base. This figure is actually isn't really that balanced because of her butt, that's why a peg is a must.

Her right foot, which is in an unusual position.

It's must be unusual to see a girl posing like this. Yeah, it must be weird. That's why, you can see her right foot up there. She can even raise her foot higher than her head, she must have a flexible body.

Shoeprints! That's just crazy!?

I bet no one has ever seen this details, her shoeprint! This is one of detail that i missed (anyone ever see this?) in the anime. I wonder how can they go into a crazy details like this! I guess because of this sitting pose, GSC has to make some texture for her shoeprints other than a flat shoeprints.

Raging Heart Excellion, Axle form.

In this figure, she got her Raging Heart ready, even without her battle jacket. This Raging Heart is very well sculpted. Red orb, cartridge, and the whole body is just so perfect! Despite all that details and beauty, there's a flaw in this Raging Heart.

Handle with care!

Actually, the gold parts of this Raging Heart is kinda heavy, enough to get the Raging Heart break right in the "neck part". Actually, i had this Raging Heart broken once. The white stick isn't really that strong to hold Raging Heart's main body. That's why there's a high possibility for this Raging Heart to break.

The POI of this figure is her naughty pose!

I had a hard time to pick which part should be the POI of this figure. But now i know it's not always about the part, but it's about "her naughty pose". Yes my friend, it's her naughty pose that won my heart. I know some people may find her pose very weird. There's no one in this world would pose like that. But that's just the way it is... This is anime figure, and this is the place where anyone can be creative and imaginative!

This is the reason why her pose became the POI of this figure.

There are stronger reason why i had to pick her pose to be the POI of this figure. The stronger reason lies in the photo above. She wears a miniskirt which makes it easier to show her pantie, but with this pose, we'll have an even more clear sight of her yellow pantie! This is why i had to pick her pose as the POI of this figure.

Well, that's it for now folks. Next up is photos of my brother's Wing Gundam Zero Custom, so look forward to it!


  1. Nice job on the photos!!!!!
    I love this figure!!!
    The base is nice and the figure is even better!!!

  2. @Rin
    Thanks! This figure is worth getting, i suggest you get it.

  3. i'm waiting for alter version of adult nanoha :D

    this figurine is too small :(

  4. @ron~
    Still no news about that. Can't get my hopes up yet...

  5. looks nice, but like ron i'm waiting for alter ^^; so far they delivered on fate and signum ^_^

    i didn't like this figure at first, but after seeing a lot of reviews, i would mind getting her, especially to perch somewhere on my desk ^_^

  6. @meronpan
    I think Alter will release Nanoha in her battle jacket version, not this instructor uniform version. But of course that's just my speculation.

  7. I feel like eating their hands when I see painted fingernails. I find they are one of the best bit when it comes to detail.
    Sadly, I gave her a miss due to budget constraints. T_T

  8. @Optic
    Think like ron and meronpan, hope for Alter version of adult Nanoha and get it.