21 September 2008

My assignments kept me away from otaku life...

I have to keep myself behind the desk this week...

Just a short update for this week. My assignments unexpectedly keep increasing over this week (09/15 - 09/20). And to add the "excitement", all those assignments' deadlines are next week (starting tomorrow). It really sounds like hard works. Ordered by deadlines, here are my assignments:
- Chi Square and Kolmogorov Smirnov method - Simulation and Modelling
- Javascript - Internet Application
- Summary of chapter 8 (Assembly Language for IBM PC) - Microprocessor 1
- String and array practice - Microprocessor 1
- Baseline Project Plan - System Analysis and Design
- Paper about a data warehousing tool - OLAP and Data Warehousing
Except for Microprocessor summary, i have most of them 90% completed in this week, that's why i have no time at all to keep my otaku life running. I said about Nanoha photoshoot in the last post, in the end i haven't done that yet.

Oh well... next week is the last week before another week of national holiday, so i still have to hold my breath for another week. And after the holiday week, there will be mid-tests. I think I'll start the photoshoot for most of my new figures in this holiday. Not to mention playing Disgaea 3 and watching some number of anime.

Sakagami Tomoyo - Kotobukiya is going to be re-released this December

Anyway, Kyou and Tomoyo figures from Kotobukiya are going to be re-released this December so I'm taking up this chance to order Sakagami Tomoyo. There's also a sale in HLJ. I think there won't be any interesting figures for you collectors, but i managed to found a Force Impulse MG kit for my brother. And the last is my Blanc Neige is on the way to my place, just a little more day and she'll arrive.

So that's it for now. I can't surely say there will be updates in this week, so yeah.... that's all folks!


  1. My, life is busy right now for everyone...
    It gets in the way of all of our otaku life!!!
    I want that Tomoyo figure!!!!!!

  2. @Rin
    Yeah, we need to manage our time carefully. Anyway, order it in PA, get it while you still have the chance.

  3. Got my order down for Tomoyo as well. I'm not missing this chance which could be the last. ^^
    Got luck with ur assignments. Hope it all goes well.^^

  4. @Optic
    Yeah, this could be the last chance? Did you order Kyou as well?

    Anyway thanks, my holiday started today, so i can get my otaku life running again.

  5. Kyou isn't one of my favourites. I don't even find the pose appealing in the first place.