15 September 2008

This weekend...

What's inside a lens.

From Thursday to Sunday, eventful things happened. At Thursday, me and my project team members were working on System Analysis and Design project. One of my friend have enough curiosity to open up my broken lens, and look at what's inside. So the photo above is the result. At first i didn't want to agree with his action, but i have my own curiosity, so yeah, i took a screwdrivers set and got my friend open this lens up.

The green round PCB is actually at the top of the layer. I think it contains IC and microprocessors stuffs to calculate range, focal length, and send EXIF data to the body. There's a wire connected to a motor, and i think that motor works for AF function. And the rest is lens body, i couldn't get the glass out of the lens body yet.

At Friday, i met ron~. Yeah, at last we met, and played Soul Calibur 4. Well, we got nothing better to do. I learned so many things from him, not just SC4, but things about otaku, Japan, Comiket, figures, PSN, etc. We actually also learned the same field, that is IT. Even though it's just a 2 hour meeting, because i had to attend my Oracle Administration Workshop training later after that, but i had fun with him. All i can say is, see you at your next vacation ron~ :D.

The (not so) new Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens, ready to use.

Saturday, i met my friend who got involved with the lens problem, and he got me a replacement. I'm very grateful for this replacement, because with this, i can continue on getting more photograph. I think I'll do photo session for Nanoha this Friday, depending on my left works. I hope that most of my works already finished before this Friday.

And for Sunday, there's nothing special in this day. I couldn't touch my PS3 because at Thursday, my brothers ordered PS3 game, Ratchet and Clank Future : Tools of Destruction ~ the best edition, arrived and they played it all the time, and i didn't have a chance to play anything. Well, at least i got their NDS on my hand and beaten episode 5 of Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney in this whole day.

Also i noticed something with my random image widget, Haruhi X Mikuru and Kanu docking images were deleted by Photobucket (They doesn't allow adult contents). Damn!!! Photobucket doesn't allow the hottest part of this widget shows up! Well, this posed a bigger problem: almost all image hosting gives us a randomly generated address, while Photobucket gives us a static address that supports my random image script, so changing image hosting won't solve anything. That's why i have to stick with Photobucket and upload images that still allowed by Photobucket.

Anyway, i already downloaded some of "symmetrical_docking" tagged images in danbooru, too bad i left all of them in my bro's computer (which is not in my house right now). So, there won't be any new image here for this week (maybe).

If you, by any chance, know image hosting service that gives static address AND allow "adult content", please tell me and I'll upload my pics right away! That's it for now...


  1. hehe was nice meeting you :)

    and good to hear that you got the replacement for the lens.

    I should be able to help you host the images as long as not porn images, 2D nudity should be OK.

  2. @ron~
    I think image of Kanu in the post before this is one of the "worst" image. I won't post anything like porn or sex or something like that. The theme is symmetrical_docking... Is that okay?

  3. I meet Ron~ too!!!!!
    Though it was one day for a dinner meet in Japan!!!!!
    It's cool to see whats inside a lens!!!!
    When your bored, your bored...then take apart a lens...

  4. @Rin
    I met him for just 2-3 hours long.

    Anyway, yeah it's cool, but too bad we still didn't know how exactly a lens works.

  5. i just recently know that u are from Indonesia lol

    ron told me :d

    thx for showing what is inside the lens :D

  6. @Vixion
    Just look at the sidebar in About Me section and you'll know that i'm from Indonesia :P.

  7. the problem is, i don't know that you have a blog lol

  8. hey if you find an image host with static address and allows adult content, let me know as well :P

    I use flickr for adult content (non porn, but nudity is ok i think), but I hate how they have their own url for direct link to your image -_-
    It makes mass direct linking very time consuming and annoying... For everything else though I use photobucket and it's great.

    nice that you received a replacement lens though. Interesting to see the inside of the lens. Couldn't take the glass elements out though? Could use those to fry up some big bugs I bet haha

  9. @yuuwaku
    Well, i can't find the image hosting, but i ended up having ron~ helped me with it.