01 September 2008

Magical Battle Arena

Magical Battle Arena.

Don't ask me how i got this game. I think this game is a new game and just released at Comiket 74, please correct me if I'm wrong. I still haven't got the hang of this game. This is Magical Battle Arena, a doujin game created by fly-system. This game is a 3D action-fighting game. The game system is similar to Gundam simulator, or if you ever played Higurashi Daybreak then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Nanoha, Fate, and any other magician.

What makes this game special is of course, the characters. All of them are loli characters, with the best part of this game is appearance of Nanoha and Fate (in their loli form). If you ever wish to play Nanoha in a adventure or action or fighting game, you name it, bursting out her Divine Buster out to her enemies, then this is your game.

Here's a list of characters:
- Nanoha
- Fate
- Sakura (CCS)
- Kirara
- Sarara
- Lulu
- Noel
I don't know where the last 4 characters came from, but i know my favorite character, Fate Testarossa, is here and ready to hack and slash the enemy.

Story mode, just as usual.

This game has a story mode, where you can play some stages and beat the game with the character you want to play with. Lulu and Noel can't be used when you start your first game, and as usual, you have to beat certain character's story to get them unlocked. Other than story mode, this game has versus mode, training, and network play.

Fate charging for her Haken Saber throw.

So let's enter the real game. Let's look carefully at the screenshot. At the bottom left corner of the screen, there's a character icon you play. There's the name, and on the left side of the name there's team color. Below the name there's life gauge (green), charge 1, 2, and 3 gauge (yellow), and stamina gauge (blue). Around the character icon there's a red gauge for special gauge. Life gauge is obviously life gauge. Stamina used for dash and guard. I'll explain the rest later.

Each character has a move set like this:
A : Melee attack (combo), you can charge this for nice attack and damage
Z : Projectile attack, certain character can charge this attack
X : Guard
C : Dash (double press for super dash)
S : Filling stamina
Q : Descend
W : Ascend
D : Change target
S+A (hold and release) : charge 1 (see the yellow gauge above)
S+Z (hold and release) : charge 2
S+X (press) : charge 3
S+C (press) : special
Obviously, charge 1, 2, and 3 consume the charge gauge (yellow), and special consumes special gauge.

Fully charged Plasma Lancer = 8 X 2 bullet flying to target.

I haven't really touched any other character other than Fate Testarossa, so i don't know much about them. But here's a little detail for Fate:
A : Scythe form, charge for strong attack
Z : Plasma shooter (or whatever)
X : Guard
C : Sonic Move
S+A (hold and release) : Plasma Lancer
S+Z (hold and release) : Haken Saber Throw
S+X (press) : Change to Sonic Form or vice versa
S+C (press) : Change Bardiche to Zanber form

It's pretty easy to get the hang of it. The real hard thing to come is when you engaged in a 5-6 on 1 battle in story mode.

Divine Buster!

Overall, they really made a really good 3D graphics, nice effects, great soundtracks, and of course, the game itself is very enjoyable. If you enjoy playing Higurashi Daybreak, then this game is your next game.


  1. Ah, your right. It was released at Comiket 74 where I got my copy.
    I have to say, it is a kick ass game!!!!!!
    I'm still playing it and it seems that Cardcaptor Sakura and Fate are rigged!!!!!!
    Great game!!!!!!

  2. I have to agree with you. This game is great.
    Although it's getting harder and harder at the story mode stage 6, where you have to beat Lulu while ganged up with 5 bot + Lulu without mercy.