26 September 2008

Blanc Neige haul - Disappointment

Oh yeah, HLJ box marking the beginning of my holiday.

Yet another haul for this busy September. Yeah, at last after some weeks of assignments and stuffs, i got my holiday right now, starting from today and will end in 8 October. Too bad, in the first day after this holiday, mid-tests will smile and welcome me from this holiday. Anyway, to mark the start of this holiday, let's start with Blanc Neige haul, she just arrived 2 days ago.

Blanc Neige - Kotobukiya.

One of my favorite character in Shining Wind, Blanc Neige, the ice queen. Well she's really an ice queen, whether it's because her ice magic, or her ice cold personality. She has somewhat a cool-dere personality, cool on the outside, nice on the inside. Personally, i like her new outfit from Shining Wind, it's like a prom dress to me.

Thanks Kotobukiya for bringing this ice queen to a figure.

Got this ice queen from HLJ, kinda late i guess, because HLJ kept postponing the shipment due to Japanese national holiday at that time. Anyway, my thanks goes to Kotobukiya for keep making Shining Wind figures. My collection of Koto's Shining Wind figures keeps growing, from Kureha, Elwing, and now Blanc Neige.

I like Blanc Neige from Shining Wind version. How about you?

Blanc Neige in Shining Wind version has a new dress, new cape, and a new hairstyle. Her outfit though still has the same color tone with her Shining Tears outfit, except it has lesser saturation. She also has a longer hair than before. The same thing to expect from her is her personality, cool as always.

The parts: cape, body, and staff.

After opening the box and inside plastic, i found myself in a little bit of disappointment. I understand that the color of the base is pale light blue, in order to match Blanc Neige's color tone itself. But after looking for a little while, i found that the base is somewhat looks like it's made
with cheap plastic. And not only that, the inside part of her cape is so awfully painted that it looks like another cheap plastic. Fortunately, it's just the inside part of the cape, so it won't be seen that much.

Screwed figure on the base, just as usual.

Oh yeah, Kotobukiya still continues their habit to screw the figure on the base. Not much to discuss, it's good to prevent falling off from the base, broken peg, or leaning, eventhough the figure itself has very low potential of leaning.

Blanc Neige without her cape on.

After some issues with her base and the cape, i found out that nothing's wrong with her body and outfit, except for a little flaw in the paintwork, around the black line of the dress to be exact. Anyway, she looks good without her cape on. I never see her without her cape in the anime, so i guess the view here is kinda rare and news to me.

Blanc Neige with her cape on.

I'm having a hard time whether i should put her cape on or not. She looks good without her cape, but she also still looks good with her cape. What do you guys think? Help me decide to put her cape on or not! Her cape is somewhat a signature of her, because as i remember, she never got her cape off her shoulder.

Her hair is badly sculpted and painted.

She looks okay from afar, but from a closer look, once again i found another flaw. Right on her front hair and side front hair. There's so many nasty seam line (plastic line), and bad paintwork. I don't know if this because i got a flawed product or else, but i know it looks bad on the hair and I'm very disappointed with this.

Well, that's it for now. More to come, continuation of my Nanoha photoshoot which is postponed for a long time, and any other new figures and Gundam. So keep looking forward to it!


  1. It's a nice figure. I know, some companies don't paint the inside since people don't usually see the inside. Well, still, it's a good figure...
    I'm waiting one mine still...

  2. I ended up cancelling my preorder for the shining wind figures i had locked in (Elwing and BlancNeige) cuz of tight financial situation and figures that I want even more lol ><

    Someday if she is still available I will pick her up again. I really like her dress too, it's very elegant and she has a beautiful form. If I had her, I would display her with her cape off and probably without her wand, so I can imagine she's dressing up for a..."good night" if you know what i mean lol

    If you like her from the anime/game though, then the cape ain't so bad either.

  3. @Rin
    Yeah, the bad details only appear at the detailed photos. It's still look good from 30cm away.

    That's too bad you cancelled them. I think i'm gonna get her cape on and off once in a week. Because it still looks good with or without the cape.

  4. wow you got it :( i haven't got mine

    looks like my supplier got his stuff stuck again lol

    anyway it is not really that bad , but can't talk much since i didn't see the real one

  5. @Vixion
    I used EMS, that's why it's fast. Well, Indonesia entered national holiday for a whole week, i guess your Blanc Neige will be postponed for a little while longer.

  6. not familiar with the shining series, but if it's a trademark part of her outfit... personally that's how i'd display her (with it on). ...although yeah, she looks fine without it too :P

  7. @meronpan
    That;s why it's hard to decide it... :P

  8. this is one of the figure that I really wanted to buy but held back and see review first (I don't trust kotobukiya that much..) too bad tho the quality isn't that good.. such great sculpt wasted :(

  9. @ron~
    Yeah, the only reason i bought this is because this is the only Blanc Neige in her SW outfit.