04 September 2008

figma Konata - Mid year figure haul part 9

figma Izumi Konata - Max Factory

Crap, i really forgot this one! I totally forgot that i ordered Konata in local store, when i said Chua Churam was the last haul for this mid year. I pre-ordered this figma Konata from local store, and got this one pretty slow indeed. The local store owner told me that figma Konata would arrive at around a week after Nanoha arrived, but the truth is, figma Konata arrived 2 weeks after that.

figma Izumi Konata - Winter uniform version.

This is the 4th figma i have, and i think this figma has a bigger scale of the character than the other figma. She really has a huge head here, and her body is actually the heaviest body of all figma i have. Despite the quality of the figma, i find that there are always problems found in each figma:
- Haruhi : still no problem.
- Nanoha : front hairs are loose, get off easily from the head.
- Fate : very hard to insert left hand, high possibility to break.
- Konata : front hair and face are loose, get off easily.
It's pretty hard to overcome these problems, but they usually bug you when you're playing with them. As for me, i usually play with them once in every 2 weeks. Between this 2 weeks, i left them unchanged, just like normal fixed pose PVC figure.

Inside the box of figma Konata.

Talk about girls from Lucky Star, most of the time they wore their uniform, whether it's winter uniform or a summer uniform. Personally, i prefer their winter uniform rather than summer uniform. With that long sleeves and the color combination of red and white. Looks really good on them. How about you? Which uniform do you prefer?

Choco cornet hands as an extra.

While Haruhi came with extra pair of shoes, Nanoha with her Raging Heart Excellion, and Fate with her Bardiche Assault, this Konata came with extra pair of hands (normal figma has 5 pairs of hands) the choco cornet hands. I think choco cornet is the symbol of Konata, because the 1st long talk in 1st episode of Lucky Star is about choco cornet, and at the next episode she still ate choco cornet for lunch.

Choco cornet is delicious, and so is she.

So as a symbol of Konata goodness, i think I'll take a shot of Konata enjoying her choco cornet. Konata isn't my favorite character in Lucky Star, but i still find this figma Konata cute, especially with those faces. To add the fun, i also pre-ordered figma Kagami in the local store, and i think I'll get her in October (1 month++ for shipping).

Konata x Haruhi is a brand new yuri pairing here.

So before Kagami arrived, Haruhi and Konata will become a "good friends". Konata really happy as she met her idolized anime character, Suzumiya Haruhi. Sorry, but I won't put any yuri scene here.

That's it for figma Konata, and this REALLY concludes the mid year figure haul, and this time I'm sure of it, because my next haul would be Blanc Neige (Kotobukiya) which is released in September. And also, i think I'm gonna do a photoshoot for Nanoha tomorrow, so as always, keep looking forward to it!


  1. My Konata is still in transit so it's a bloodly long wait for her. I don't really mind which uniform because I like both.

    The problem I found with Nanoha is the flyers u attach on her shoe. I accidentally inserted all the way and it took me 30mins to take it apart. Now it's only half-way.

  2. Yeah, there's some problem with Nanoha's flier fins. The holes on the shoes are too small for the connector.

    I also had a problem with Konata back hole. She has a hole in her back hair to connect with the base, but MaxFact also provided a small part of hair to cover the hole.
    But the hole is too small for the base, so i forced the way in. The result is: base can be inserted, but i can't attach the hair because it became too loose.