08 September 2008

My primary lens is ...

It's broken, and yeah... what else can i say?

...broken. Yeah, that's right, it's broken. If you see the picture above, you'll know how this lens cannot be used anymore. This is the old Canon EF-S 18-55mm. This lens is categorized as old, because this lens has already been in discontinued status, and replaced with Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS (Image Stabilizer).

Anyway, the lens is totally bent, and the motor inside already broken. It's hard to rotate the zoom, and it can't be used to change the zoom, focus, and auto-focus. So you DEFINITELY don't want to have this lens mounted on your Canon Body.

Sorry, Nanoha... Please wait until i got a new lens, okay?

So this happened last Friday, when i was doing a photo session of Nanoha instructor uniform version. I always invited my photography friends each time i did a photo session. And i did the photo session in my own room, with mini studio setup, and also with my camera connected to PC (EOS Utility - Remote Shooting). But this was also the cause of this accident.

Of course, there would be a USB cable lying on the floor. At the moment where i turned toward my PC to edit the photo directly in DPP (Digital Photo Professional - Canon's software), i put down my camera onto the table. Then, my friend walked out of my room, and then you guess it. The cable stuck on his foot, and pulled my camera down right to the floor.

The lens, actually, hit the floor first. So almost all the damage was absorbed by the lens, and it became bent like that. I'm glad that the SLR body itself didn't take any damage at all. So my camera is still in a good shape, but not my lens. Unfortunately, the broken lens is EF-S 18-55mm and it's my primary lens. So that means, i can't do any good photoshoot before i get a new lens.

It seems that i have to postpone Nanoha photoshoot for awhile...


  1. Like you said, thank god it's not your laptop or your body (camera of course) that got the damage. That kit lens is almost worthless these days anyway and not worth the repairs. Go get a cheapo replacement that's good for figures like 50 mm f1.8...

  2. hmm couldn't suggest any alternative since you never specify budget

  3. Sad as it sounds, you didn't lose much of a lense, IMO (the non-IS version lives up to its name of "cheapie"). I'd sell you mine if I had another zoom lense orz. I've seen it sell on eBay for double digit dollars.

    Going to the root of the problem, I don't know what I'd do. A pull on my cord also seems to drag the camera. I may have to investigate a means for protecting it. You've helped at least another person become aware of this potential problem!

  4. @tjhan
    That's right, i'm glad the body's still okay.
    I already have a 50mm and it's not very good for figure photoshoot. 50mm lens has 45cm closest distance to the object, unlike 18-55. That's why it's harder to get a close up (except cropping).
    Actually, i planned on getting 100mm Macro for figure photoshoot. It's just a matter of time before i get this one.

    Actually, my friend will replace it with the same lens. So yeah, i don't have to spend any money for this accident.

    Get a USB to USB cable, get a longer one, and make sure it's Hi-speed USB 2.0 cable. With that, you can prevent your camera being dragged by the cable.

  5. Another cheap alternative to 100mm is to extension tube. But then, I found out that you don't really need 1:1 macro for figures. A good general zoom give you more flexibility and shooting options

  6. @Kippei
    Getting close up isn't the only thing i wanted from macro lens. Using extension might be a good idea, but you'll miss the sharpness that only macro lens has.

  7. For a second, I thought Nanoha was sitting on a floating disc. lol
    Dam, that suxs. So the lens are completely cracked?

    Looking forward to ur shoot when ur lens is all fixed. ^^

  8. @Optic
    Oh yeah, the base gives a unique effect on the photo. That's why it's look like it's floating.

    No, and that's really surprising. There is no crack or glass break at ALL. The motor and zoom mechanism inside are broken.

  9. Beg to differ, minus the fact of the class of the lens.


    On 24-105 zoom. The neko is only 1 cm sized.

    It is a matter of options and versatility, save the cash and up the ante and get both world. Just a suggestion.

  10. Ooo yaa one thread I saw was ppl photograph the moment of impact of object, apples/orange hitting the water surface

    ^^ Somehow 1 guy suggest a lens dunking

  11. @Kippei
    So basically, getting 1 for all lens is also a good option. Might have to reconsider that. I think getting 24-70L maybe a good choice, i need a F2.8. The only problem is the price.

    @Kippei again...
    It can be done using my broken lens XD.

  12. Trying renting first if possible. You may put off by the weight of the 24-70L. Or alternative is Sigma 24-70Ex Macro ^^. I got plan to use this as my portraits lens.

  13. @Kippei
    I heard that Tamron 24-70 Di... (forgot the complete name)'s sharpness is better than 24-70L. Is that Sigma 24-70 even better?

  14. Tamron no exp with that range. I only get to try 17-50. The Sigma with a good copy, you can get almost as sharp is the 24-70L which pretty stunned me when my pro friend show me on his 5D. Almost on par and 1/4 of the price. Bad side it is on 82mm filter. Much of the reviews are showing good light on the Sigma.

  15. Lens cost a lot...
    I know cause I see them ranging from $200 or up.
    I would love to see your Nanoha photo shoot!!!!!!

  16. @Kippei
    Hmm... Should give it a try then... That Sigma 24-70 sounds interesting.

    Depending on the lens, it could reach over USD 1000. Don't be surprised with DSLR's lenses price.

  17. ouch! that totally hurts, but yea at least your camera body is safe. I only have a single zoom lens which I use most of the time as well, a Tamron 28-75mm aspherical. Hope my cheapie $10 tripod doesn't topple over one of these times and mess it up ><

  18. @yuuwaku
    Is that Tamron a good lens? I heard rumor about the sharpness of photos it produces.

    Anyway my friend already got me a replacement for this lens.